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August 13, 2012

Where's the Pixel? — World-class time-wasting iPhone game


Wrote Kit Eaton in the New York Times, "If you want to try a game to eat up a spare moment, then you need something very simple, like Where's the Pixel. It's free on the iPhone's iOS operating system, and it's exactly what it sounds like — a chase to see how many times you can find one black pixel on the otherwise white screen of your iPhone in a minute. Tap it, find it, tap it and so on. It will give a score, you can brag about your score on Twitter or Facebook, and that's about all there is. But heed this warning: the game is so pointless and yet strangely addictive that you'll love it, play it obsessively and then delete it from your phone."

Like Eaton said, the app is free, the way we like it.

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