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August 4, 2012

Yama Cold Brew Coffee Drip Tower

From the website:


This beautiful and unusual coffee brewer makes great coffee and brings drama to your cafe or kitchen.

Through a unique 8-hour process using pure ice water, ice drip brewing produces a unique flavor not found in regular brewed coffee.

Although it looks like complicated lab equipment, the Yama Cold Brewer is very easy to use.

Put ice and cold water in the top chamber, set the valve to drip, put ground coffee in the middle chamber, and you're good to go.

The entire brewing process takes about 8 hours and produces about 32 oz. of smooth, rich coffee that is very low in acidity.

The coffee will keep for up to 7 days in a sealed container in your refrigerator.

Permanent ceramic filter mechanism included.

Dimensions:10.75L x 8.5"W x 29"H.

Note: We are currently shipping a new design of the tower which features straight posts instead of spindled cutouts. See the video above for a detailed view.



[via Alan Fick who added, "The video [top] that goes with this is just so cool." I won't argue.]

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