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September 1, 2012

How to separate an egg — Chinese style (video)

Wrote reader Antares, "This video has over seven million views."

There's a reason for that: it's fantastic.

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Self-Stirring Mug


Ooh, tell me more.


"Self-stirring battery-powered stainless steel mug for coffee, tea, soup, etc."




Cheap at twice the price: I'll take two.

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Ryan Gosling Coloring Book

A1UV_CVCUAAUdZs copy 2

Wrote Lisa Delany, "Did you know that there is a colouring book called 'Colour Me Good — Ryan Gosling' by Mel Elliot?"


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Limited-Edition Artist's Plates


Wrote Rima Suqi in Thursday's New York Times Home section, "'A friend of mine was visiting and her son broke a plate,' Edwina von Gal recalled. But it wasn't just any plate; it was a no-longer-available limited-edition one by the late Dan Flavin. Ms. von Gal is best known as a designer of gardens and outdoor spaces. Less than a year after this sad episode, she also became a plate maker. She chose six artists she knew 'well enough to call up and ask' to design 'something that would look good in a circle, that could be cropped round.' Teresita Fernández, April Gornik, Mary Heilmann, Maya Lin, Richard Prince and Ed Ruscha (below) all said yes, and Lenox agreed to produce an edition of 500 sets."


The verso of each plate is marked with Azuero Earth Project's logo, the name of the artist, and 2012 (the year of the edition).

Set of six 11-inch-diameter bone china plates: $750.

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Experts' Expert: 100 Ways to Improve Your Photography


Wrote photographer Ming Thein: "This article was originally posted in a series of 10 mini-excerpts back in the very early days of the site; Google Analytics tells me that it was hardly viewed, so I’ve re-packaged, updated, and re-presented it again here as a monster all-in-one reference."

Fair warning: There goes the weekend.

[via Fred]

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White Noise Shower Curtain



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BehindTheMedspeak: Typeface for Doctors



What took so long?

[via Orion Creatives and Shawn Zehnder Rossi]

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No-Spill Ice Cube Tray


What took so long?


From The Green Head: "This new No-Spill Ice Cube Tray not only prevents spills when moving it from the sink to the freezer, it also protects the ice from absorbing odors."


"Just fill up this innovative tray with water, secure the tight-sealing silicone lid, and it's ready to freeze easy-release rounded ice cubes without any spillage."


"The trays are stackable and can be stored horizontally or at up to a 45-° angle [top]."

Now that's pretty cool.


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