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September 4, 2012

My new streamlined Amazon link

Screen Shot 2012-09-04 at 8.52.57 AM

In my never-ending effort to improve cash flow here at boj, I've tried to make it as easy as possible for those who choose to support and encourage my foolishness to do so.

To that end, I think I've finally succeeded in establishing a frictionless way to shop at Amazon and at the same time put a few pennies in my piggy bank without any extra effort whatsoever, and without costing you one red cent.

Using this link (pictured in action up top):


as your Amazon bookmark does the trick.

It takes you right to Amazon's main page and automatically links to my Amazon Associate account, such that 4%-7% of the purchase price of anything you buy goes to me — without affecting the price you pay Amazon.

Easy peasy.

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Valentino Noir Capsule Flat


I like shoes with a mixed message and this puppy packs one big time.

Here's Rae Boxer's review from yesterday's New York Times Styles section: "The designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have done it again, this time by giving Valentino's beloved studded accessories a tough new look for their Noir Capsule, which stars materials like python, crocodile and patent leather in all-black with gothic ruthenium spikes (instead of the usual rocker-y silver ones). A favorite from the group and a must-have for fall is this strappy patent-leather flat ($895). The black on black is such a striking contrast to the pretty-lady shape. Lookin' sharp!"

I won't argue.

Valentino shoe: 212-772-6969.

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BehindTheMedspeak: Organ Donors Collectibles


From the website:


Organ Donors

Inspired by a family member's double lung transplant and his passion for Kidrobot/Munky King vinyl toys and collectables, David Foox in 2007 conceived the idea of cute vinyl toys designed to honor organ donors and recipients alike.

By raising awareness (and charitable contributions at artistic events) through these really creepy/cute anime/kaiju figurines, more people become conscious of the critical importance of being an organ donor. "You will, in fact, without any doubt, save many lives by simply checking the little box on your drivers license form," states David in support of this organ donor cause.

By 2008, the 1st edition (U.S. Edition) was released — almost a full year later than anticipated and promised. Over 1000 pre-purchased ORGAN DONORS collectors had waited patiently for over 12 months to receive their orders, much like organ recipients waiting long periods of time to receive their life-changing donations.

The wait was well worth it! Every detail was meticulously executed including the premium packaging, printed silver foil (to hide the identity of the blind boxed ORGAN DONORS), and high-quality vinyl and paint application. ORGAN DONORS turned out better than expected and are a simply phenomenal collectable.

In 2009, in Beijing, China, David unveiled publicly two new colorways and a whole new edition (Chinese Edition). This exciting development coincided with the 60th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China and the new additions to the ORGAN DONORS series were well received. ONE HEART and ONE SOUL represent the two newcomers and are both considered "RARE."


ORGAN DONORS comprise 24 (23 in the Chinese Edition) different and unique colorways. Both the US and Chinese Editions are blind boxed — meaning you cannot tell what is inside each box. Some ORGAN DONORS are rarer than others. For instance, LIONHEART is the rarest in the US Edition with less than 100 ever produced. Another example is the IRON LUNG. Due to a manufacturing error, only 10 IRON LUNGS were ever created. The IRON LUNG is so rare, in fact, we do not have any in stock nor any photographs of this colorway!

Others such as the PURPLEHEART, BLACK MARKET KIDNEYS, ONE HEART, ONE SOUL, and so on are rare to varying degrees. No more than 250 of any colorway has ever been produced. What is left available now comes from my personal collection.


Apply within.

Blind box: $19.

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Wireless iMusic Hat

That's different.

From the website:



For fans of music on-the-move, this innovative gadget is a beanie hat with built-in speakers for iPod and MP3 players.

Ideal for buses, trains, planes or simple walks outdoors, the iMusic Hat is the perfect accompaniment when on the move or standing in the cold waiting for a bus.

Avoid losing up to a third of your body heat through your head whilst enjoying your favourite music at the same time.

Powered through your music player so batteries are not required, it connects to any music source with a standard headphone socket.

The iMusic Hat is an innovative must-have gadget gift for any style-conscious music lover always on the go.


• Compatible with any kind of music player with a standard jack

• No batteries required - powered by your music player

• Listen to music without disturbing those around you

• Available in 2 styles: Knitted or Peaked

• Keeps your head warm

• Suitable for ages 12+

• One size fits all


"Ages 12+?" Everybody in!

£34.99 (music not included).

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Old Maps Online — Gateway to historical maps in libraries around the world

Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 8.30.12 PM

Above, "A Map of the Coast of New England from Staten Island to the Island of Breton."

From the website: "The LUNA Browser is the primary way to view the [David Rumsey] map collection. Users can browse the entire online collection of over 30,000 images or search by keyword for specific images. Images may be exported or saved in groups. Or you can browse by categories or use the what, where, who, when links on the left side of the thumbnail pages."  

Fair warning: There goes the day.

[via Internet Scout Project and Richard Kashdan]

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Heart Bookmark




1.3" x 1.4".



Heart_bookcmark-2 copy




Heart_bookmark-3 copy




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First correct color panorama of Mars from Curiosity

Screen Shot 2012-09-04 at 7.34.34 AM

Below, an email I received at 1:40 a.m. today from Andrew Bodrov.


The first correct color panorama of Mars from the Curiosity rover is finally on-line (rover added from earlier B&W photos.):


I stitched NASA/JPL-Caltech photos from Mars together into an interactive 360º spherical panorama.

Be sure to go to full screen mode for the maximum awesomeness and stay tuned for next releases.

This panorama has enhanced colors to correspond with colors used by NASA:


138 source images (1200 x 1200 px) from the 34-millimeter Mast Camera on NASA's Curiosity rover were used to stitch together a very high-resolution panorama of 30000 x 15000 pixels:


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Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray






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