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September 27, 2012

Siri Hustvedt Saved My Life


[via Shelf Awareness]

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Layer Cake Cutter



From the website:


The filling between cake layers is always a treat, but making perfect layers has always been for the more accomplished baker — until now.

This slicing kit allows you to slice uniform layers for tortes or multiple-layer cakes, just like professional bakery chefs.

Fit the slicing mold around the cake, mark your starting point and slice, then rotate the mold 180° and continue slicing the other half of the cake.

Then use the integrated cake lifter to separate the uniform individual layers for filling.

Slicing mold fits 10" and 11" diameter cakes and slices up to 8 layers.

Includes adjustable slicing mold, 12" baker's knife, and 11" cake lifter.


$59.95 (cake not included).

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An Insider's Look at Space Shuttle Flight Decks












[via Ben Cooper website, Ian Brooks, My Modern Metropolis, and Steve Silberman]

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Peeing Boy iPhone Earphone Jack Plug




From Craziest Gadgets :




Im sure you're familiar with the famous statue in Brussels of the peeing boy, the Mannekin Pis.


Well, now you can bring him home to your cell phone with this Peeing Boy Earphone Jack Plug.


Keep dust out of your headphone jack and show off your knowledge of art appreciation and European culture at the same time.


Wow — with this kid pissing into your ear thing you could put on some Phish music, doff the headphones,  and it would essentially be the same — micturating into your ears and calling it music.









or Silver.




[via reader Alan Fick, who appears to have implanted a deep brain probe into my cortex, so on point are the blizzard of recent suggestions from him.]

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Google Maps on iPhone 5/iOS 6

Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 11.31.29 AM

Note to fanboys-and-girls: Stop whining already and jump on the cluetrain.

Walt Mossberg's "Mossberg's Mailbox" feature (below) in yesterday's Wall Street Journal tells you where it stops.

Q: Is Google working on a new version of its Maps app for Apple devices on the new iOS 6 operating system and will Apple allow it into its app store?

A: Google has hinted that it wants Google Maps on the iPhone and iPad, though it's been vague about it, saying only: "Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system." And, in a blog post, a Google official said: "We look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS."

This could mean Google is building an app, or it could refer to the Google Maps mobile web site, which is already available on the iPhone 5, via the phone's browser, at maps.google.com. A top Google official has reportedly denied Google has an iPhone maps app ready and waiting, saying such a development would be up to Apple.

Is that clear enough for you?

Because it is for this TechnoDolt®™©.

But wait — there's more!

Mossberg also tells you (below) how to get YouTube on your new iOS.

Q: Since Apple no longer includes a built-in YouTube app for the iPhone, is Google, which owns YouTube, making one available?

A: Yes. It was available when the iPhone 5 launched and has worked well for me. It's in Apple's app store and you can learn about it at: http://bit.ly/Vyhh0b.

I'm thinking that Sam H. Lawson Middle School — which abuts Apple's Cupertino world headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop — must have some pretty awesome tech.

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Mood Mug


From the website:



Mood Mugs have been cleverly designed with double wall insulation to ensure that your beverage is kept hot while your hands stay cool, eliminating the need for a handle and creating more cupboard space.


Happy Larry, Seriously Sleepy, Monstrously Moody, Horribly Hungover — whatever side of the bed you wake up on, your mug can reflect your mood.


4.75"H x 2.95"W

Holds 7 oz.




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"Flick your Bic"

I was a bit surprised it took as long as six minutes after today's opening post till reader Joe Peach sent me a link to the video above, one of the classic commercials of all time.

It will undoubtedly be the first time most of my readers will have ever heard of the "Flick my Bic" meme, which reigned supreme in the late 70s when the great majority of my readers weren't alive or even rumors.

Wrote Joe from his secure, undisclosed location in Pennsylvania, "LOL, 'member this?"

Sure do.

Caption from YouTube: "This was the first of several risqué Bic Butane Lighter commercials which ran through the late 1970s. I love how the pimp calls for his chick with a flick of his bic!"

One of my dream meetups that'll prolly never happen: Peachie and Flautist with a running camera.

"Epic" would be a major understatement.

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Giant 16 Inch Long Pen


From the website:


Have a big contract to sign or a deal to close?

Sign it in a big way with our gigantic pen.

Great for meetings, office gag gifts, or that person who always seems to lose their pen.

16 inches long.



[via reader Alan Fick]

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