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September 29, 2012

2012: A Black Monolith


Above, my iPhone 5, photographed a few minutes ago using my soon to be departed iPhone 4S.

The drop dead gorgeous new iteration arrived this past Wednesday at around 11 am.

Since that time I have unboxed it but not — repeat, not — turned it on.

Thus, I am well into Day 4 of the adoration of the obelisk, as practiced by a world-class fanboy.

I might touch the power switch tomorrow — then again, I might not.

It could be days — maybe weeks — before I am ready to move beyond my current state of visual and psychological rapture.

If you don't understand why my approach makes perfect sense to me you will never, ever, understand who I am and what makes me tick.

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Stainless steel 4.75"-long knife blade with mouse shaped-and-colored silicone handle measures 6" from nose to tail tip.


Knife fits into 8" x 5.75" x 1.5" beechwood board.




[via Bem Legaus! and Things That Look Like Other Things]

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A note on the price of Apple accessories


Above, the subject line of an email I sent to my Mac Users group a few days ago in response to a blizzard of complaints by members about Apple's new Lightning connector.

Below, the email.


A note on the price of Apple accessories

Do people complain that Mercedes or Lexus parts cost too much?

Perhaps they do.

And goodness knows there are many lower priced substitutes.

But would you be happy with an Advance Auto version of a Mercedes part if you owned a Mercedes?

I wouldn't.

I've owned my Mercedes since I bought it new in 1988.

I've logged 160,000+ miles on it and I plan to drive it until I drop dead (hopefully not while driving it).

I believe it will last indefinitely if cared for properly.

While a computer is most certainly NOT a car, there are some similarities.

One of them is that when you use components not specifically designed for and made by the companies that sell the computers or cars, you automatically add risk where none need be added.

Think about it.

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Saturday night at boj — Welcome, campers


You may have noticed that it's been 5.5 hours since today's last post.

That's not intentional but, rather, the result of a million things happening during that period that prevented normal hourly posts from appearing.

In any event, enjoy the first ever Saturday night at boj — four posts appearing one minute after the 8, 9, 10, and 11 p.m. hours.

A one-off or the shape of things to come?

Ask me next Saturday night.

And now, on with the show.


Saturn Tape Dispenser

From designboom: "South Korean designer Jeongmi Lee has conceived 'Spationary' — a cosmic galaxy of stationary accessories. Th products developed as part of the range include the Saturn Tape Dispenser, whose body mimics the famous rings of the great planet to encircle a roll of tape."


[via Things That Look Like Other Things]

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"A matter of taste"


From New Idea Homepage: "A watermelon helmet,


a broccoli bag,


a pair of eggplant flats,


a blueberry clutch, and  more."


"These images are infused with Fulvio Bonavia's creativity and artistic sense."


"It is all a matter of taste."

[via Jeri Dansky]

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Giant Cartoon Gloves


Perfect for the person who thinks life is a joke.



[via The Green Head]

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100-foot long life size Blue Whale kite (video)

Above, its maiden flight.


From Laughing Squid:


"New Zealand kite maker, engineer, and inventor Peter Lynn of Peter Lynn Kites created a realistic looking Blue Whale show kite that measures up to the actual marine mammal, with a 100-foot length and detailed overall design."

He is a realistic looking whale from the folds over his eyes to the blow hole on his back. He flies with a graceful swimming motion, and looks fabulous flying with a pod or in the sky with other marine creatures.

This kite is not recommended for novice kite fliers.

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iPhone/Smartphone/GPS Dynamo Charging System and Bicycle Light


From Amazon:



Never again worry about your smartphone or GPS running out of juice — ECOXPOWER keeps your smartphone or GPS charged while you peddle.


Once speeds reach 3 mph, the charger will begin to charge your device.


Charging times vary based on your speed.


The state-of-the-art Dynamo charging system connects to your front fork and uses the force of your turning wheel to charge.

The ECOXPOWER will keep your USB device charged and also light your way via integrated front- and rear-facing lights.

The internal battery has 700mAh capacity.

At 3 mph, the charging system will begin to power any standard portable USB device — iPhone, Galaxy 2/3/Note, Blackberry, GPS, etc.

It takes approximately 1.5 hours at 12 mph to completely charge the internal battery.

The integrated front light is a 1w 80 LUX White LED and there are 2 rear S/B Red LED's.

The lights can be turned on/off either on the charger or via the wired handlebar-mounted on/off switch.

What's in the box: ECOXPOWER USB charging system with integrated lights, water-resistant touch screen case for your smartphone/GPS, handlebar and fork mounting hardware, USB converter cable, Allen key to adjust mount for various hub sizes, manual.


[via DottorGadget]

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