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September 8, 2012

bookofjoe's Favorite Thing: Sori Yanagi Ice Cream Spoon [Blast from the past]


Originally featured here on February 10, 2011.

It occurred to me the other evening — as I was employing one of these exquisite spoons to slowly mine a pint of Ben & Jerry's hand-packed butter pecan ice cream, still my default favorite after decades of experimentation, mostly because of the pitch perfect combination of saltiness from the pecans with the sweet lushness of the surrounding ice cream — that the object is so perfect it deserves a yearly reintroduction to new readers.

So, without further ado, here is last year's post, complete and unexpurgated (the way we like it).


Praised as a "Super Normal" object by Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa.

Wonderful for custard, pudding and yogurt as well.

Trust me on this: I've had mine for years.

Stainless steel.


Bonus: Since last year's presentation, the price of the spoon has dropped 20% — from $10 to its current $8.*

Not free, the way we'd really like it, but still cheap at twice the price.

A wonderful gift for anyone, from infant to geezer and all points in between.

Especially good for the sort of person who thinks they have everything cool ever invented but aren't clever enough to be joeheads and thus are excluded from early notice of things like this.

In their face, say we.

$8 (scroll down the page — it's the fifth item from the bottom on the long list).

*Deflation has sucked the life out of Japan over the past several years and continues to do so, but for those of us who love things made in Japan, the steady drop in price of things originating there — like this spoon — is a nice bit of lagniappe in an otherwise unpromising economic vista.


Note added at 9:12 a.m. today: This spoon is perfect for those of us who prefer to enjoy soft cheeses such as Époisses de Bourgogne


without bread or crackers.

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