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September 26, 2012

Hot-chocolate-pouring-into-a-mug USB Desk Lamp


Is there no end of USB-compatible bizarreness?


Apparently not.


From Craziest Gadgets :



Have you ever wanted to light up your work area with an endlessly pouring cup of hot chocolate from a cup you design yourself, all powered by USB?

Well, now you can with the one of the weirdest, most strangely appealing desk lamps we've come across so far.

Inside a cup is an array of 8 LED lights powered by your computer via a USB cable (or a pair of AA batteries if you prefer).


It comes with 3 paper cups, one of which you can design yourself by drawing on it.

Presumably you could use any other similar sized cup as well.

Now all you need is a pouring sound effect on loop and you've got the complete Wonka illusion on your desk.



[via reader Alan Fick whose plethora of great suggestions/links that came in while I was sleeping last night would โ€” if I featured them all โ€” take boj in an entirely different direction than the one it's been heading. Hmmm....]

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