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September 15, 2012

Tequila Worm Salt


From The Green Head : "Tequila shots get slightly more interesting when you lick this new Tequila Worm Salt off the back of your hand before slamming the shot and biting the wedge of lime. This intense smoky-flavored salt is made from rock salt infused with chilis and an appropriately ground-up agave worm. It's also great for seasoning salads or just that tasty little worm floating in a bottle of mezcal."

From another website:


We're calling it Worm Tequila Salt because not everyone speaks Spanish but Sal de Gusano — as it's known south of the border down Mexico way — is a delicious condiment and an authentic addition to tequila and cocktails. 

Made using only the finest of Gusano worms, plucked from their spiky cactus homes and blended with rock salt and chili to create an intense smoky flavor that's perfect with salsas, salads, and seasoning. 

Spice up your next cocktail party or BBQ with this special salt. Olé!

Please note: Contains worms — not suitable for vegetarians.

Ingredients: Salt, Chili, Gusano/Maguey worm.

1.4 oz.


$14.59 ("Tequila, lime, and shot glass not included").


Fair warning to the Guadalajara Friday lunch-on-the-patio girls (you know who you are): I am SO bringing this the next time I crash your party.

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ew, dude, so gross.

Posted by: tamra | Sep 16, 2012 3:29:38 AM

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