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October 17, 2012

Nyan Cat Necklace


From ThisIsWhyImBroke:


"Harness the raw power of a rainbow-farting Pop Tart cat flying through outer space with this Nyan Cat necklace."


"Perfect for YouTube geeks and internet meme collectors, the Nyan Cat necklace is hand made from clay so each necklace is unique."



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How to improve your main TV remote if you've got cable + satellite


Long story short: TV remotes are relics but we're still using them while we wait for voice to take over.


If you're like me you have a giant main remote that controls your TV.

It has scores of buttons and maybe even a secret panel with more hidden buttons.

All a bunch of garbage except the couple that control which one of your HDMI ports is active.

On my TV the original four ports — on the back in the least accessible place they could be, requiring that HDMI cables be inserted vertically from the bottom up — are now down to two functioning.

I have cable plugged into one (number 4) and satellite into the other (number 7. They're numbered 4/5/6/7. Don't ask).

When I'm tired I can never remember which is cable and which is satellite so I have to try one and then see what the on-screen display shows.

Yesterday the penny dropped.

I found some little colored sticky dots, put a C on the white one and an S on the blue one, and carefully placed them on their respective buttons (photo up top).


Gray Cat-approved so you know it must be good.

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Glow Fob


With a name like that who cares what it is or does?

From The Green Head: "A little glow-in-the-dark device that can be attached to keys, ceiling fan/closet light pull chains, zippers, backpacks, pet collars, or anywhere you need a little helpful visual illumination. After being exposed to light it can stay illuminated for up to 12 hours. Aircraft grade aluminum housing encloses clear acrylic tube filled with glow powder and resin mixture."


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"Last week, I knitted a Higgs Boson."


Res ipsa loquitur (above).

Back story here.

There is nothing — nothing! — too big for the formidable Alice Rose Bell to tackle as long as she's got her trusty knitting needles in hand.

Don't take my word for it: see for yourself.

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"The number of people not following back bookofjoe changed noteworthily*"


I must be living in the Bizarro World 'cause the email above, just in, made me scream "YES!" with joy.

More like this, please.

Here's your hat: what's your hurry?

Full disclosure: below,


the announcement in its entirety.


Is that even a word?

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Party like it's 1399


The more things change the more they remain the same.

From Tacuinum Sanitatis (14th century).

[via Jolie Kerr]

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There's something about Lightning (cable)


What with all the hue and cry about Apple's way better new iPhone 5 interface, no one's remarked till now about how they also altered the USB end: it's less bulky and more stylish.

Videre est credere (that means look up top at the picture, for those of you who didn't take high school Latin — still the best subject ever in terms of long-term benefit. Not even close).

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