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October 18, 2012

bookofjoe's Favorite Things: Rain mStand


I bought mine in 2008 to elevate my 2004 PowerBook G4* to eye level and keep it off the table and away from spilled drinks.


It's done all that and more and still looks brand new, even as it's adapted to first last year's 13" MacBook Air and last week's mighty 15.4" MacBook Pro/Retina.


This laptop stand — which doubles as a book or dictionary stand/rest if you're not all that into computers — is a great piece of industrial design.

It's an aluminum Mercedes in its massively overbuilt solidity and elegant simplicity.

I'll bet you there are thousands of these stands scattered throughout One Infinite Loop and over Mountain View way.

So well thought out: the lip in front not only holds the computer securely in place but also its cutout lets you easily raise the lid without moving the laptop.

The pads up top cushion the machine and absorb vibration from below and atop (speakers/music).

The hole in the back — edged with rubber to prevent cord damage — is wonderful, serving not only to allow transit of multiple wires and cables to and from the front/back but also acting as a nice "tuck-in" to take up slack.

Amazingly to me, the stand hasn't changed price in the four years since I bought mine: in fact, I think I may well have paid more than the current $48.24.

Highest possible recommendation. 

A wonderful gift for a techie friend guaranteed to result in one happy camper.

Best of all: no moving parts, pathognomonic for great design.

*The 2004 PowerBook does something neither my 2011 Air nor 2012 MacBook Pro/Retina can do: because it has a native 32-bit kernel (don't ask — at least, not me) it works perfectly with my Virgin Mobile BroadBand2Go flash stick, enabling me to get online anywhere with unlimited data for a flat $50/month with no contract at speeds plenty fast enough to keep the bookofjoe World Tour on track no matter where it takes me.

nuf sed**

**My rap name

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Hi Joe,

I also have a Mac Powerbook G4/Mac OS X version 10.3.9. I'm wondering if you ever updated your operating system. And if so, what was the highest one that worked in your Mac?

Always love your posts. Thanks.

Posted by: Karen Pittman | Oct 18, 2012 5:13:34 PM

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