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November 8, 2012

Experts' Expert: Errol Morris's Top 5 Tales of True Crime


1. "An American Tragedy" — Theodore Dreiser (1925)

2. "Compulsion" — Meyer Levin (1956)

3. "Psycho" — Robert Bloch (1959)

4. "Handcarved Coffins" — Truman Capote (1979)

5. "My Dark Places" — James Ellroy (1996)

[via the Wall Street Journal]

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Solar Birdhouse




From the website:



Why would only humans make use of eco-friendly technology?

We designed a birdhouse with a solar panel on its roof.

During the day, sunlight feeds the solar panel, charging a small battery.

At twilight the transparent stick will light up and cast a tiny light on your garden.

This light attracts an easy nighttime snack for the bird — all she has to do is stick her beak out of the hole and wait for the buzz.

7.1" x 3.5" x 3.5".

Meranti wood.


Apply within.

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Think Like An Anesthesiologist: No propellerhead residents, please


15 years of teaching the art and science — far more art than science, IMHO — of anesthesiology to fresh-faced residents at two major teaching hospitals — UCLA and UVA — left me with some indelible impressions and opinions.

They'll all be in plain view in my upcoming book, "Think Like An Anesthesiologist," but here's a little preview.


Gearheads and techies make terrible anesthesiologists. Why? Because they have Asperger-like tendencies which lead them to perseverate solving technical problems that invariably occur on a daily basis during surgery. Residents with an analytic, problem-solving bent tend to forget that there's a real live patient on the table five minutes away from dying in the event of an interruption of oxygen flow to the heart and brain. They turn their backs — literally — on their patient during surgery and instead focus all of their attention on trying to fix a monitor or display that's acting up. 

I enter the room and turn off the monitor, then physically grip the residents' shoulders and turn them 90° away from the array of screens so that they are facing the surgeon and the operative field. It's not rocket science. 

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Guitar Hero Cat Plush Toy


It's what she'll be playing as she climbs the stairway to feline heaven.


Gray Cat is FREAKING OUT because the kitty in the pic up top could be her identical twin.

You think she's being overly demonstrative?

Have a look at my baby:


One's not enough?

You wouldn't be the first to say that.


Now what do you think?

$15 (cat included).

[via geeksugar, Craziest Gadgets, and Alan Fick]

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"Happier than a witch in a broom factory"

This Geico commercial is simply a joy to watch and especially to listen to — the witch's hooting and howling as she test-flies her broomstick: priceless.

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Knit Wood Fort


Sui generis.


From the website:



The Knit Fort is a flexible hardwood structure that can be made to fit the size and shape of your desires.* 


Repetition of two wooden parts creates a complex textural surface.

The assembly technique, similar to knitting, allows the addition or subtraction of columns responding to the site context without altering the design. 

Depending on the scale, the structure can be a play space, terrace sunshade, conference room dome, outdoor shower, or interior/ exterior cabana.


Price on request: apply within.

*"... can be made to fit the size and shape of your desires." — I doubt this — taken literally.

But I'm willing to let it ride.

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: You need not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 (FOUR) browsers



Because sometimes things don't work in one but do work in others.

It's not for me — a card carrying TechnoDolt®™© — to explain why that is but rather my job to help you get to where you want to go.

When I creates* posts for bookofjoe, I can't view YouTube videos in the back room prep area if I'm using Camino or Chrome — but they play fine when I preview them as they'll appear on the blog.

Conversely, I can see the videos fine in the Safari back room but when I go to see the final cut the way you'll see it, there's a blank spot where the video will be when it's actually published.

Google Chrome, Safari, Camino, Firefox — download them all NOW.

This is an excerpt, by the way, from my forthcoming book, "Think Like An Anesthesiologist."

When you eliminate problems, you're left with solutions.

Now isn't that a better way to live?

I find it interesting that Firefox and Opera get all the Google love in the graphic up top while the superb Camino goes unremarked.

So it goes.

Why don't I list Opera among the browsers I'd download if I were you?

Because I find it pretty much impossible to use.

*My closest reader of them all — the nonpareil gimlet-eyed Flautist — just emailed me re: "... I creates posts..." to inform me of my [apparent] grammatical error. She added, "Unless it's Talk Like Popeye Day."

Which I hereby declare it is.


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