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November 14, 2012

Banana Bowl


Cast from a ripe bunch of bananas.

Resin and marble.

13" x 10" x 6".


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8 reasons never to do housework again


• Repeatedly putting a fitted sheet on a bed can cause "sheet-fitting palsy."

• Doing chores after you get home can boost stress hormones.

• Carrying heavy loads of laundry causes shoulder problems.

• Doing more chores than your partner can stress you out.

• Housework gets more dangerous as you get older.

• Too much housework makes people depressed.

• Germs might be good for you anyway.

• Glass cleaner can give you asthma.

[via buzzfeed and Amy Odell]

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DeLorme inReach 2-Way Satellite Communicator for Apple iOS and Android

Long story short from the website: "The DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicator pairs with your Apple iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet to send and receive detailed messages via a global satellite network."

Video here.


[via my Los Angeles correspondent]

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Stanford Cat Network

Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 8.06.00 PM

"A volunteer non-profit organization supporting a spay/neuter, feeding, and adoption program for homeless cats at Stanford — by agreement with but not funded by Stanford University.

Gray Cat has been jabbing at me with her pointer claw (the very same one on her right front paw she uses to gently inform me that it's time to get up at around 6 every morning — and let me tell you that that claw tip is so sharp it can't help but get your complete, focused attention very quickly after she gives you a little nudge) every time I try to leave this web page so I'm leaving the computer and heading to the other room after I finish this post.

Lots to see here.

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2013 is the year of Magritte at boj


How else to explain my choice of wall calendars after a decade of Turner?


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Why is Katharine Weymouth, publisher of the Washington Post, afraid of me?


How else to explain the fact that a moment ago when I tweeted (above) about her courageous sacking yesterday of her ill-starred 2008 choice for Washington Post Editorial Director — Marcus Brauchli, who'd just been canned from the Wall Street Journal by Rupert Murdoch — to lead her paper to the promised online land, only to have him begin an accelerated uncontrolled descent of the storied Post toward a crash and burn, I learned that she's blocked me (above and below) from following her on Twitter?


I'm flattered.

More like this, please.

What's doubly ironic and deliciously amusing to me is that Brauchli — whom I've derided and criticized all along as he's made one disastrous editorial decision after another — has no problem with me following him (below).


I guess in the corner office where Ms. Weymouth sits, dissent — especially from the long-time print subscriber peanut gallery (29+ years!) doesn't taste very good.

Good thing I'm not like those readers who cancel because they don't like the swimsuit issue.

Wait a sec....

Maybe I should send her a copy of my book so she could look at things in a quantum light.

Yeah, that'll work.

Gray Cat (below) —


get on it.

And make sure she's on the distribution list for an advance copy of "Think Like An Anesthesiologist."

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A little light to help you find your way home in the dark — for the rest of your life


Let's not pretend: we're all in the dark when it comes right down to it.


Nabokov wrote in "Speak, Memory," his 1951 memoir, that "Our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness."


Might as well not trip and fall while you're here if you can help it.


This little keychain light glows green — or blue or orange, if you prefer — when everything and everyone else has given up the ghost.


After The Apocalypse, cockroaches will glow like this but for now you'll have to make do with storebought.


[via Chelsea Anderson]

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