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November 19, 2012

New York Times takes bookofjoe post and runs with it

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.01.20 PM

Remember last Wednesday's post headlined "Why is Katharine Weymouth, publisher of the Washiington Post, afraid of me?"

Never heard of it?

That's deflating.

No matter, we'll move on.

On the New York Times website I just happened on the page pictured up top.

La-de-da until I almost knocked the peacefully dozing Gray Cat off my lap, I was so startled to see the Grey Lady had linked to my post.

Good street cred.

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Vinderpants — Wine Underpants

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.41.17 PM

What took so long?

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.41.09 PM

From the website:


95% cotton/5% spandex underpants for wine.

Tighty-whities fit snugly over wine bottles.

Bonus: Hides labels of bad vintages.

Makes your gift of wine memorable.


$9 (wine included? You figure it out.)

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My iPad mini and I went to Whole Foods today


What did we do?

Well, for one thing we didn't have any interruptions for phone calls — because for the first time in memory I left my phone at home.

If you're gonna do something, do it right, I say.


Here's what I did while I was at Whole Foods with my pocket-sized iPad (I was in no hurry and the following occurred at an unhurried pace):

• Took pictures of Flackers (flax seed crackers) and Biowafers (not some real-life Soylent Green-type thingie but, rather, an actual Italian-made cookie with layers of lemon filling) and tweeted the results.

• Checked on bookofjoe to make sure posts were appearing as scheduled.

• Sent an heads-up email and tweet to let Susannah Breslin know that I'd featured her today in my 11:01 a.m. post.

• Sent Ms. Breslin a gift copy of my eBook as a one-year wedding anniversary present.

• Checked my email and answered a few.

• Had a look at my Facebook and Twitter pages.

• Checked my site traffic and AdSense/Amazon Associates accounts.

• Read the Wall Street Journal and tweeted and emailed a number of articles to various people.

• Read the Washington Post via its new iPad app: not bad.

• Put up a couple of draft blog posts using TypePad's terrible, primitive iPhone app on the iPad.

And some other stuff I can't remember. 

Man, what a useful thing this tool is.

I'm sold.

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bookofjoe's* Favorite Thing: Black Russian Bread from Whole Foods


A wonderful fresh loaf by the chain.



Unbleached unbromated wheat flour, rye flour, rye sour (rye flour water), rye flake, dried sweet onion, caramel color, brewed coffee, yeast, salt, topped with poppy seeds. Bottom may be coated with farina (wheat).


*As any fool can plainly see,


Gray Cat likes it too.

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"Cats try to understand treadmill"

Cats? Treadmill? What's not to like here?

This video just came in from noted cat-whisperer Flautist, who was kind enough to offer her take:

These 2 don't want to walk on the treadmill, they just want to know how it works.

"Why won’t it stop? Make it stop. It won't stop. I'll make you stop, you annoying moving piece of s***. How do you make this f@#$%^& thing stop?! Do you know how to make it stop? Ah, f*** it, I'm going to the Turbo-Scratcher."

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FriXion Erasable Ball Gel Ink Pen — Perfect for the 007 in all of us


What's not to like?

From Pilot, which knows a thing or ten about pens.

From $6.60 for three.

[via a September 7, 2012 Wall Street Journal review, excerpts from which appear below]


Pilot's FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pens write more smoothly and erase more cleanly than the scratchy, finicky, erasable ballpoint pens of the past.

While early erasable ink would eventually set and turn indelible, FriXion Ball ink stays erasable indefinitely.

The way the pen works is ingenious: Its heat-sensitive ink turns clear when it reaches a certain temperature: rubbing it with the eraser generates the necessary heat (rather than wearing away the page).

The ink will disappear if the paper it's on gets too hot (left in the car on a sunny day, for example), but to make the ink reappear, just pop the page in the freezer—a quirk that makes these pens perfect for sending secret messages.

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Susannah Breslin and her blog

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 10.52.41 AM

I've long followed this sui generis writer, with some trepidation: it has seemed to me for as long as I've known she's existed (I've never met nor spoken nor had any internet contact with her) that her fascination with the dark side and willingness to confront it in pretty much any way, shape, form, or fashion it presents itself would somehow infect her and drive her to an early demise.

Thus, it gives me huge delight to see on her Twitter that today is her one-year wedding anniversary.

Not only did I not know she was married — nor have I ever had a clue as to what's up in her personal life as she keeps matters of church and state, as it were, rigidly separated — but I also never believed a partner of such intimacy was possible for her considering her nature and the very threatening-to-true companionship places she goes as part of her daily life.

I wish I'd known of her wedding registry — assuming one existed — 'cause I'd have gotten her something wonderful.

Suggestion: Set up a one-year anniversary registry.

Just 'cause no one's done it doesn't mean she can't.

I mean, it's not as if what people say matters a whole lot to Ms. Breslin, what? 

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