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November 20, 2012

Gaming Weapons of Legend — The Poster


From Laughing Squid:


"New York graphic designer Daniel Nyari


has created a wonderful poster


showcasing a memorable collection of Famous Weapons


from movies, television, comics, and video games."


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bookofjoe's Favorite Thing: Casio Solar Calculator


The trouble with cheap throwaway calculators is that usually you can't read the digits on the display because they're bizarrely shaped and/or spaced as well as too small.

This calculator, which arrived earlier today, puts paid to those problems.

Bonus: Solar-powered so it should last pretty much forever.

Nice keypad feel too.

Cheap at twice the $5.44 price.

Note to Casio propellerhead designers and engineers: Making the On button green rather than maroon would enhance useability.

Think like an anesthesiologist.

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Who needs your crummy Great Red Spot? Look what we've got right here on Earth


Above and below, NASA's supercomputer-modeled map of Earth.


[via Slate and Diana Johnson]

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Inflatable Beard of Bees

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 6.20.53 PM

That's different.

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 6.20.58 PM

From the website:


When a beekeeper wants to impress the ladies, he puts a queen bee in a small cage under his chin and waits for the other bees to swarm and form a bee beard on his face and body.

That sounds like a lot of bother when you could get the same effect with just a couple of puffs of air.

This inflatable vinyl Beard of Bees attaches with elastic hoops that go around your ears.

Best of all, there is no chance of getting stung!

If you want to say "bee mine" to your honey, just wear this Inflatable Beard of Bees and you'll be all the buzz.

The perfect gift for the apiarist in your life.

Features and Details:

• 10"-long vinyl Beard of Bees fits most adult faces

• Attaches with elastic loops over the ears

• None of the danger of using real bees



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The Infinite Jukebox

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 6.07.50 PM

Created by Paul Lamere.

Google's Brian White wrote, "The Infinite Jukebox. For when your favorite song just isn't long enough. Upload your own MP3. Or select from a popular or recent upload."

Free, the way we like it.

Fair warning: There goes the rest of your life.

[via Richard Kashdan]

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Soft Cheese Knife — Perfect for your über-kitchen friend with every* utensil known to man

From the website:



FunFact: The original prototype for this knife was created in 1940 by engineer Harold Joseph Fairchild, who was looking for the best knife to slice his favorite cheese, Velveeta. Fairchild went on to design military devices for the U.S. Government during World War II. But we're guessing that this simple, effective cheese knife is Fairchild's ultimate claim to fame.

The unique design of this knife allows it to glide effortlessly through cheesecake, soft cheese, cake, and softened butter — perfect for any sticky slicing jobs.

3¾" Ultem® resin blade is set in a soft, comfortable 4" handle.

Heat-resistant to 430°F; stain-resistant; dishwasher-safe.


$17.95 (sure, cheesecake included — you want cherry or chocolate chip? Get outa here.)

*Almost. Heh.

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Katie Baker knows plumbing

How else to interpret her tweeting me a link to the video above — a clip from the smash 1987 hit movie "Baby Boom" — in response to a series of my tweets this morning remarking on the essential cluelessness — and wonderfulness of same — of my plumber, the closest real person to Forrest Gump I've ever known?

She added, "This is my favorite plumber in cinema."

I got news for you, Katie: My guy's better — and he's real.

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