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November 22, 2012

Refrigerator Upgrade Magnet

Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 10.54.10 PM

From the website:


Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 10.54.17 PM

Use this magnet to impress and puzzle your friends with your fancy fridge.

This 7.5" x 9" magnet looks just like one of those fancy ice and water dispensers found in the door of most high-end refrigerators.

Closer inspection, however, will reveal some peculiar options like "Frozen Yogurt," "Nacho Cheese," and "Chicken Wings."

Guaranteed to frustrate your friends as they desperately press the "French Fries" button — to no avail!


$7.95 (refrigerator not included).

I hear the "Order" button click all the way from Pittsburgh.


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Solve the problem with what's in your mind


I'm always banging on about Edwin H. Land's useful exhortation, "Solve the problem with what's in the room."

Today — this morning to be exact, after returning home from running the Boar's Head Turkey Trot 5K (27:05; 8:44/mile on a very hilly course) — I was kind of slowly calming down and approaching ground level when all of a sudden the solution to not one but two vexing problems presented themselves, seemingly out of nowhere.

1. I noticed about a month ago that one of the cuffs in my fancy new long sleeve white dress shirt didn't extend out of my suit jacket.

I looked inside the jacket sleeve and the lining was all puffy and messed up in the right sleeve, unlike the left where it was smooth and perfect.

I went back to the store where I bought the suit and asked the guy, what was the problem?

He said it hadn't been pressed properly and advised me to take it to Crystal Cleaners in Seminole Square.

OK, that made sense.

But after I got home I thought, wait a minute.

I turned the jacket inside out and lo and behold, the lining in the good sleeve was perfect — but the inside of the right sleeve looked like it had been sewn by a one-armed tailor.


I've been trying without any success to find Charlottesville's best custom tailor to take the suit jacket to for repair, but only this morning did the penny drop: What's wrong with me?

Why aren't I taking it right back to the store where I bought it and had it altered to perfection (or so I thought) last year?

Of course, I'd never have discovered the problem if I had kept wearing my default short sleeve white dress shirts: Only after buying the long sleeved shirt last month did the flaw reveal itself. 

Tomorrow morning that jacket's going in.

2. My washing machine's water lines are weirdly plumbed.

How weirdly?

Well, during the wash and rinse cycle, water from the machine suddenly starts burbling up out of the laundry room sink's drain before draining away.

But wait — there's more.

At the same time that happens, the drain in my basement floor starts backing up and regurgitates sudsy wash water onto the basement floor, said water then draining back down the hole. 

I have no interest in fixing this craziness: I've lived with it for nearly 30 years and it's not a major issue.

But what I do find annoying is that the clothes in the laundry sink — piled up as they are awaiting my occasionally doing the wash — get wet because of the bottom-up water ingress and proceed to stay wet, buried as they are under several more feet of dirty laundry, then smell kind of mildewy until I finally get around to doing the wash.

I started thinking about something to elevate the clothes above the sink bottom, say four to six inches, to keep the retrograde water from wetting the waiting dirty laundry.

Then the [second] penny dropped: Take the rack out of the unused-since-I-bought-the-house-in 1983 dishwasher (I can't stand the noise of dishwashers) and put it on the bottom of the laundry room sink to act as a lift, thereby keeping my dirty clothes above the inflowing used washing machine wash water.

I did it and it works. 

Solve the problem with what's in your mind.

Think like an anesthesiologist.

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World's smallest coffee cup

Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 9.18.48 PM

"Porcelain squirrel-sized coffee cup."


1.25" tall x 1.25" in diameter.

$3 ("Squirrel not included").

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Melissa Stetten's Bratwalk


Highly entertaining post by the model/VICE columnist.

More like this please.

Caption for the photo of Ms. Stetten up top: "You do? Here's a recent shot of me in a bikini. RT @RoseGlisson: I want to look like this @MelissaStetten person. http://twitpic.com/b8whrq"


Above and below,


in mufti.

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Here's your hat, what's your hurry?


Variation on a theme.

[via Eliax]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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The day the music died: November 22, 1963

I was in the library at Washington High School, doing homework during my lunch hour, when the public address system brought news that would shake the world.

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