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November 25, 2012

Gray Cat's in the cradle


Remember a couple months ago when I featured that nifty underchair cat hammock?

I ordered one immediately and installed it under one of Gray Cat's favorite chairs and waited for her to discover and start enjoying it.

Good thing I didn't hold my breath.

Never once did she appear interested in it.

I even made some heavy-handed gestures to help her along in her nonexistent discovery process, placing toys in it and holding her up so she could see them.



Zero interest.

Then one night last week I happened to look over at the chair and hammock and what did I see but Gray Cat's eyes, staring back at me from inside.


I'm glad I quickly took the photos above and below because it turns out that not once has she ever gone back.


Here today, gone today, as a wise friend once remarked.

Note to reader Tara Blaine: Your wish has come true.

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When You Need a Train It Never Comes — Amanda Shires (video)

Tweeted Dwight Garner, "Surprising to me that Amanda Shires isn't extremely famous."

Maybe Twitter is the new Idol.

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Affirmation Bandages


From the website:


Harness the unstoppable power of positive thinking to heal your cuts and scratches faster and stronger.

Sure, just keeping them sterile helps, but imagine covering them with such sayings as, "You're 100% Awesome!" and "Your Hair Looks Great Today!" — you won't believe how quickly you turn from a scab-kneed ninny to an unstoppable captain of industry.

Each latex-free bandage has an affirmation and two smiley faces.

Each set comes in a 3.75"-high metal pocket tin and contains a FREE PRIZE to ease the pain even more.


Box of 20: $4.95.

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Getting the clutter out of your email

From Jeri Dansky, organizer and declutterer extraordinaire, comes a November 19 blog post on the subject.

Her bullet points:

• Overly wordy text

• Huge signature files

• Unnecessary recipients

• Unnecessary attachments

• Email backgrounds or stationery

• Unnecessary text from prior messages

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The Vamoose — Kathryn Blackmore's jewellery* is as elegant as her website


And that's saying something.


If the young British designer's hardware doesn't make it (unlikely)


she's got another career open as a web interface expert.


Everything about The Vamoose immediately envelopes and welcomes the visitor,


making it as good an experience as you're likely to have anywhere in the virtual world.


No detail — the very name of the company, its little URL green "V", et al. — is too small to have not been vetted and then rethought and redone and reiterated repeatedly


with what appears to be a driven, hyper-Bayesian intensity.


These are very good things indeed when you're in the business of creating hand made jewelry.


That you happen to buy something is almost an afterthought,


it happens so naturally and easily.


Been there, done that — more than once, and not for the last time.


Fair warning.


Oh, one last thing: Free shipping worldwide on orders placed today, along with free gift wrapping and personalised [sic] gift notes.


Trust me on this: The wrapping is so artful and elegant you might not want to open the package. 


Perhaps that's more my own personal issue with appearances and their power, though; it may not apply to you.


*It's an English thing, you wouldn't understand.

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Funeral Home Fragrance


From $6.

[via Jeri Dansky]

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Meta-Monumental Garage Sale at the Museum of Modern Art


It's on!

The exhibition — featuring New York-based artist Martha Rosler's work "'Meta-Monumental Garage Sale,' a large-scale version of the the classic American garage sale, in which Museum visitors can browse and buy second-hand goods organized, displayed, and sold by the artist," opened on November 17 and runs through next Friday, November 30.

Can't  make it to Gotham?

No worries: Not 1 Not 2 but 3 Three 3 live streams here during museum hours.

For what it's worth: Flautist's occasional versions outside Atlanta define the genre — from what I've heard from her neighbors.


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