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November 26, 2012

Washed Rind Season


Excerpts from Madame Fromage's November 20 blog post on the subject follow.

By now, you have probably seen them at cheese counters: small, moonish orange wheels wrapped in balsa wood or bark. Glory is upon us, dear ones. Thanksgiving isn't just about turkey and pumpkins; it's the season of washed rind cheeses.

These flavorful and sensuously goopy cheeses are perfect for serving around the holidays. All you do is let the cheese come to room temperature and set out some baguette rounds and celery sticks. Nothing could be easier. Forget the stodgy Brie, and go for something special and seasonal.

Washed rind cheeses wax in November and wane around March. Why the short season?

Many of these delicacies are made from raw milk, requiring an aging period of at least 60 days (in the U.S.). Sixty days ago, the cows were coming off summer pasture and beginning to eat heavier grasses. In early cheesemaking cultures, this transition often inspired a shift in recipes, from firm mountain-style cheeses to softies that accrued flavor from gentle baths of beer, brine, or hard liquor.

Those washes imbue cheese with a delicate funk and create an environment where the center of the wheel literally begins to liquefy. Vacherin Mont d'Or (above) is so soft and runny that it has to be stored in balsa wood to keep it from oozing all over.

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Plughole Ashtray


From the website:



To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are proud to bring back the first ever product by Monkey Business (back then it was "Freddy Made"), Oded Friedland's Plughole Ashtray.

Launched initially in 1992, this item has been out of production for many years.

We have a soft spot for this useful accessory but it will not be making it back into our current catalogue, so the only place you can get yourself one is here.

There are only a few hundred available so get yours now before they are gone forever.

10cm H x 5cm Ø.



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Gray Cat caught with her fat furry butt in my Clif Shot Bloks


No wonder she's been so hopped up lately: she's absorbing caffeine via her booty while ostensibly chillin'.

Devious devil, she is.

This also explains the tang that I've noticed when wrestling open the wrappers with my teeth.

See the band of blue in the distance?

There's a reason they're called the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 8.02.29 PM

Apparently you can't get enough of these weird wine bottle covers.

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 8.02.23 PM

First Vinderpants, then Vinderalls and now these.

What can I say?

Your wish is my demand.

Wait a sec... that's not right.

Never mind.

Keynes once remarked that the secret of success in the stock market lay not in knowing which companies were good values but rather which companies most people thought were good values.

Then it was like shooting fish in a barrel, just follow the crowd to the money tree.

From the Vinderhosen website:


No More Naked Labels

Vinderhosen are tiny German pants for your wine bottle!

Just slip a pair of these vinyl lederhosen on a bottle of wine and slide them up over the exposed label.

If you're bringing wine as a gift, shouldn't that wine have the common decency to slip on a pair of pants?

It may not be a formal occasion, but surely it's formal enough to require pants.

Good for a housewarming gift or any situation where putting a bottle of wine in lederhosen would make people happy (which is pretty much every situation we can think of).

Just in case you didn't know, lederhosen is German for "leather breeches." They are thought to symbolize virility and brawn.

Features and Details:

• Way snazzier than a gift bag

• Fits most standard 750ml bottles

• Conceals inexpensive or inauspicious vintages



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Apple love: Steve Jobs once mailed autographed ROM chips to fans


From Neatorama: "Before he died, Steve Jobs was famous for sending out one-liner responses to people who emailed him. But before Apple hit it big, Steve was known to autograph computer chips and send them to fans by mail."

[via Letters of Note, iainclaridge, and imjustcreative who wrote, "I was 11 years old at the time Steve Jobs sent this, and got my first Macintosh at the age of of 18. I'm now 40."

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Heart Mug


I'll take one.



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Happy 6th TwBirthday to me

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 12.29.21 PM

Below, a nice tweet that came in while I was sleeping.

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 5.48.07 AM

It links to a page with the wonderful graphic up top.

The rise of Twitter has been the best thing that's happened to me in the virtual world since I began bookofjoe in August of 2004.

FunFact: As is my wont, I joined Twitter early on, as soon as I learned of its existence.

For the record, it was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and launched that July.

Internet historians will recall that SXSW 2007 was Twitter's breakout.

I am proud to have jumped on board the cluetrain even before the virtual good and the great anointed it the next big thing.

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