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November 29, 2012

On meeting virtual people

Over the years I've gotten to know lots of people by virtue of bookofjoe.

As a rule I never call them or meet up with them in person, whether they live here in my Podunk town or Tokyo. 

The Internet works great for me, whether via my comments section or email.

I'm easy to reach directly and hundreds if not thousands of people will attest to the fact that I'm surprisingly prompt, considering. 

Actually, I have very little interest in meeting in wetspace.

Not just because I'm happy here at home with Gray Cat and prefer not to have to bother going places.

That's the least of it.

The main thing is that rarely is someone better in person — or even as appealing — as they are online. 

The reasons why don't interest me, just the end result.

So I say to myself, why would I want to do something that will end a great relationship when there's an infinitesimal chance it will make that relationship better?

You know me: I think like an anesthesiologist.

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.

So why add one more moving part to a machine that's working beautifully?

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Shower Temperature Dials

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.32.52 PM

What took so long?

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.33.02 PM

From the website:


Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.32.40 PM

Temji creates a dial on your tap handles so you can instantly turn the shower on to your perfect temperature.

Can be dialed to any temperature so everyone can have their perfect setting.

Save water and time by immediately selecting your preferred numbers.

Stretches to easily fit most taps.



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The one and only Fruzsina Eördögh

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.13.23 PM

I happened on her Twitter and one thing led to another and I ended up here.

I've been to worse places.

And that's an understatement.

Fair warning: There goes your mind.

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Rocking Chair Transformer Kit


"'Rocker' is a universal attachment that turns almost any four-legged chair into a real rocking chair."


Bonus: You can undo it without damaging your chair in the slightest.


Apply within.

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Gray Cat prepares for Chromebook unboxing

Photo copy 2

The machine arrived late yesterday afternoon, unannounced: according to Amazon the shipping date was still unknown when last I checked.

Long story short: This may be the biggest technology story of the 21st century.


Because Google and Samsung have produced what, judging from early reviews, is an industry changer:

• Total price for the laptop with built-in Verizon 3G Internet access with unlimited data for TWO YEARS: $329.

You read correctly: no contract/bills/overages/add-on fees.

That means anyone anywhere in the U.S. can instantly get portable Internet access with usable speed even if they never sign up with any provider.

How do you spell "eliminate the middleman?"

That's right! You're starting to think like an anesthesiologist.

But I digress.

The machine's got built-in WiFi so if you're in a hotspot or have WiFi at home, Bob's your uncle.

Google Chrome is native — duh — which is great from my perspective since I've been delighted with Chrome on my MBP since I adopted it recently.

Apple had better be very worried about this machine because it is the camel's nose under the One Infinite Loop tent that could very well bring that upcoming spaceship crashing down in a fireball of creative destruction.

Fair warning.

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Toxic Laundry Hamper




From the website:


Saturday's socks, Sunday's shirts, Friday's frilly bits.

It all gets a bit whiffy after a while.

And, to be frank, pretty little wicker baskets don't cut the mustard — or the curry or the garlic.

Our pop-up laundry bin tells it like it is and keeps all your washing out of sight (and any other senses you'd care to mention).



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Helpful Hints from joeeze: When it comes to doing your laundry think about micturition


Long story short: It is a fact not commonly known that the proper order of action in terms of the sequence of events you should perform to get optimal function and longevity from your top-loading washing machine and the cleanest clothes is:

1. Water

2. Detergent

3. Clothing

For decades I put the detergent in first, then confronted a sudsy tub into which I dumped my dirty laundry.

Only when my Crack Research Team®™© stumbled on a Q&A with someone from a washing machine maker or perhaps Procter & Gamble — who knows? — did the scales fall from my pipes and I enter the era of enlightenment.

You can too!

Oh, yeah, almost forgot the mnemonic alluded to in the headline up top.

In the U.K. a bathroom is referred to as a W.C.

That stands for water closet.

When you need to micturate you use the W.C.

When it's time to do the wash think about urinating in the laundry water: that'll immediately bring up W.C.

The D (for detergent) is the middle initial and thus goes between the W (water) and the C (clothes) so now you have your order of battle: Water/Detergent/Clothes.

Think like an anesthesiologist.

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