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November 10, 2012

Penguin Tea Timer — Episode 2: Reader request


I received the email below


early today from reader Katarína Tur.

FunFact: When it came in at 4:35 a.m. I'd already been awake for 20 minutes after my 4:15 alarm went off to get me up and moving for the drive to Richmond for today's half-marathon.

I originally featured this nifty device in Episode 1 back on October 2, 2007 — has it really been five years? — but it has long since become unavailable from the original source.

No matter: When a reader asks, my Crack Research Team®™© swings into action with all cylinders firing.

Ms. Tur, your wish is my demand.

From a new Penguin Tea Timer website:


The Penguin Automatic Tea Timer creates a perfectly brewed cup every time.
Just tie the teabag to his beak and set the timer from 1 to 20 minutes.

The penguin with its built-in timer automatically lifts the tea bag when your tea is ready.

New design with hat!

Making tea, though easy to do, is also time consuming.

Once you pour the hot water into the cup, you must patiently hover over it, waiting for the tea to steep.

Well, the Penguin Tea Timer happily does the waiting for you.

Just hang the tea bag or tea ball on the beak, set the timer, and the beak lowers the bag into the hot water.

When your tea is ready, an alarm rings and the beak comes up, bringing the tea bag out.

Timer can be set up to 20 minutes and can also be used as a regular timer.

Features, specifications, and details:


• Times from 1- 20 minutes

• Penguin automatically lifts tea bag

• Have your cup of tea prepared by a dapper penguin

Looks good on your countertop, too!

Note that you can either hang a tea bag from the penguin's beak, or use the included tea strainer with your favorite blend of loose tea.

The Penguin Tea Timer comes in a nice box, so it would make a nice gift for someone who likes tea, timers, penguins, or weird kitchen gadgets.

At $29.95, the price is not steep at all!


We aim to please — wait a sec....


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how about a nice mug to go with that? -


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