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November 4, 2012

TIME's All-Time Top 100 Gadgets


How many have you owned?

Me: 26.

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...and why not the Dyson Vacuum or solar panels or personal defibrillators? Weird list. Credit Card? Clock Radio? Ballpoint pen? Power strip? Why are some so generic and others brand specific? One man's opinion. Even so, I had 32, just a function of age methinks.

Posted by: tamra | Nov 5, 2012 12:39:47 PM

Haha! 36! I looked through before coming to the comments section, so I really didn't know HeavyG was on 35!

My friend has a far more impressive score of 2.

He owns (or I should say is the controlling shareholder of) 2 of the companies on the list!

Posted by: Fred | Nov 4, 2012 11:53:31 PM


I was surprised they didn't have a VCR (Betamax or VHS - my first one was a higher end Betamax) on the list. I also think the Sinclair ZX81 was worthy of being in the computer category.

Posted by: HeavyG | Nov 4, 2012 11:47:16 PM

I hit 29 as well. The Palm was a communication device if you had the ethernet / modem card for it. Err....I think it had that. I used it to do emails, but it was for all offline communications -- I'd write and then plug it in and it would send.

I still felt it was a step back from my Newton (but far more portable).

Posted by: clifyt | Nov 4, 2012 3:47:32 PM

Palm Pilot 1000 as a "Communication" device? Fail.

Posted by: Scott | Nov 4, 2012 3:22:55 PM

18, and half were given to me.

Posted by: Flautist | Nov 4, 2012 2:14:43 PM

Me: 29

Posted by: Yoni Freedhoff | Nov 4, 2012 2:01:36 PM


Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Nov 4, 2012 11:47:36 AM

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