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December 6, 2012

What car color is safest?

A 2007 Australian study said white is safest, black cars are more likely to be involved in accidents, and silver is pretty much like black.

A 2003 British Journal of Medicine report concluded that silver cars are safest, 50% less likely to be involved in an accident.

I remember reading somewhere that green is the most dangerous car color.

[via John Kelly and the Washington Post]

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Limited-Edition Surveillance Lamp


From the website:


This ironic work uses the typical appearance of a surveillance camera to create a striking standing lamp. 

Not initially intended to make a political statement, this light received a lot of attention from political bloggers and media after its first exhibition at the 2008 Stockholm Furniture Fair and in hindsight, the designers are proud that their work has become part of the public discourse about surveillance in our society.

Production limited to 12 pieces.


Apply within.


Note — and image — added at 7:38 a.m. Friday, December 7 (9 hours/day after the post appeared. There's something rather wonderful and strange about this image — of all the thousands I've published here — being the one not to have made it to the screen first time around. It's almost as if it didn't want to be seen...).

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Jack Kerouac meets William F. Buckley (1968)

From Open Culture: "Jack Kerouac, author of 'On the Road,' appears (seemingly drunk) on William F. Buckley's 'Firing Line.'"

Much more Kerouac video and audio here.

[via BoingBoing]

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Cupcake Toothpaste — "Makes your breath frosting fresh"

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 7.58.34 PM


From the website:


Brushing your teeth with real frosting kind of defeats the purpose, but with this Cupcake Toothpaste you get all the fabulous flavor of frosting — without another root canal!

Just put a dollop on your brush and after a few minutes of vigorous brushing your whole mouth will feel frosted!


2.5 ounce tube: $4.50.

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Experts' Experts — Do different ways of using citrus peel to garnish cocktails produce different tastes?


Above, the lead question in the January & February 2013 issue of Cook's Illustrated's Notes From Readers section.

The good people at that magazine — as obsessive a group as ever existed outside Jony Ive's secret studio in Cupertino — drilled down deep as only they do to bring us all back enlightenment, in the form of the following reply.

There are three common citrus garnishes for cocktails: The first is a "twist, " a simple disk of citrus peel that is squeezed into the drink to release essential oils and then rubbed around the rim of the glass and discarded. The second is a "flamed twist," in which a flame is held between the drink and the peel so that when the peel is squeezed, its oils ignite briefly. The third type is a "swatch," a band of zest with a little pith attached that is twirled and placed in the drink. We made all three types of garnishes with orange peel and tasted each in a simple Negroni cocktail. We found that the twist contributed bright orange notes that enlivened the drink. The flamed twist offered sulfurous undertones and had a somewhat subdued orange fragrance. The swath added citrus notes along with mild bitterness from the pith. In sum, fancy citrus garnishes are more than just ornamental: Your choice should hinge on the flavor profile you're trying to create.

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Canvas, designed by Reed Wilson.

17" x 13" x 6".

nuf sed.


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Mind the gap while you sit in the fun seat eating Shepherd's Pie


From creatingclever.com: "Unknown pranksters with a wonderful English sense of humour have been adding their own stickers to the Central Line of the London Underground. I love the Shepherd's Pie one (replacing Shepherd's Bush which really is a place). These would make my journey more entertaining. The anonymous group have a website and a Facebook group where you can post suggestions. Yes I know they are going to get in trouble when they are caught, but they are using their clever — and I love that."


"And yes, I deliberately left a 'u' in humour. I'm writing about London, it seemed apt to do so."



[via reader Michael White. More like this, please, kind sir.]

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