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December 17, 2012

Science Cheerleaders — "Don't just think outside the box: LIVE outside the box!"

Well put.

[via Science Cheerleader]

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Hella Slingshot


From the website:


These one-of-a-kind slingshots, carefully airbrushed with acrylic paint, are hand carved in California from forked Mora tree branches.

The leather projectile pouch is attached using natural latex tubing and sinew.



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Monday afternoon at the movies: Rashomon

Before continuing with the gift that keeps on giving aka The Praying Anesthesiologist (Episode 1 here; Episode 2 here), I thought it would be useful to invoke Akiro Kurosawa's epic 1950 cinematic essay on how one's point of view can create reality.

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I Cover You — Teddy Bear iPhone Case


Get yours on the men's floor of Milan's new department store, Excelsior Milano

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Google Currents is the new Zite


Up till last week Zite was my favorite reading application on iPad, putting Flipboard and Pulse so far in the shade they might as well be on the dark side of the moon.

Then Zite decided to improve its excellent interface but alas, the new version did what so many "new and improved," "upgraded," and otherwise tweaked sites do: it became unusable due to feature bloat.

I deleted it from my iPad and then read somewhere that same day about Google Currents, the latest effort from the Mountain View propellerheads to broaden their scope from search.

Unlike the woeful Google+ and its ilk, Currents is excellent.

Tremendous selection of magazines and newspapers to subscribe to.

Free, the way we like it.

Very nicely done, propellerheads.

Up top, Google Currents' opening screen on my iPad.

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Full Moon Credenza (Limited-Edition)


From the website:


A striking credenza with a photorealistic luminous image of the moon printed on its surface, in a limited edition of 24.

Coated with ELI (Eco Light Inside — an eco-friendly material developed by designer Sotirios Papadopoulos) which creates a realistic glowing effect when the lights go out.

Ships with an accompanying CD of original music designed specifically for this piece.

Wood, metal legs, ELI.

70"W x 20"D x 35"H.


Apply within.

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