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December 18, 2012

Antimatter Series — Miaz Brothers


Acrylic paintings 


by the Milan-born brothers


who wandered the world


until coming to rest


in their current home,


Valencia, Spain.


[via BOOOOOOOM, The Jealous Curator, and Tara Blaine, my longtime Pacific N.W. correspondent]

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Bluetooth Gloves — "Talk to the hand" no longer a figure of speech


Yes I know I trash Bluetooth all the time as failed technology but the awesomeness of these gloves trumps all that.

Who wouldn't want to act this kind of thing out?

Most people?

Go away.

From the website:

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 4.26.54 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 4.26.18 PM



[via Richard Kashdan]

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Beauty Feynman-style

[via Flautist]

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Bling Your Food


From LikeCool: "With Esslack Food Spray, you can now gild your tomatoes, pretzels, and whatever other food screams out to be covered in gold. Using these fresh spray cans full of edible silver and gold paint, food goes from ordinary to bling in seconds."


From the website:



Origin and Production

 The Deli Garage developed Food Finish with a small food manufacturer that provides top quality food coloring to upmarket pastry and cake shops.

The innovation is the spray can — and that’s exactly what makes refining your culinary creations so very easy.

Off with the lid and on with the spray — finito!

Food Finish will chrome-plate or gold-coat anything in the kitchen that comes under its nozzle — from summer strawberries to the Christmas goose.

With two new colors, you’ll have your food blushing red and moody blue in a jiffy.

Food Finish is completely neutral in taste and harmless to eat.


 New to the gourmet workshop: Food Finish.

Introducing the world's first food coloring in a spray can, certified edible and tasteless.

Lovingly designed illustrations grace the silver can, while inspiring images of festive bits and bobs adorn the gold cylinder.

Use Food Finish to refine everything and anything you like — whatever suits your taste.

Just spray to chrome your pretzels or gild your tomatoes or  giant T-bone steak — Food Finish adds a shine to anything that comes under its nozzle.

Like with real paint, it's best to apply several thin layers for that perfect finish.

We've been getting some quite interesting and unusual queries.

For starters, a sheikh placed a large order and wanted to know if it’s alright to spray Food Finish on skin — for a gold banquet, no less.

Then the CBS Morning Show announced they'll be featuring Food Finish in an upcoming show.

If you want to get your hands on some quickly, best order straight from our shop.

The idea for Food Finish came from our love of all things chrome-plated or gilded: you could say it's something that's just been in the air, really.

And now, at last, what you see on the plate looks just like what's in a garage: high-gloss lacquered objects your eyes can't get enough of.


This has Andersons written all over it — in fact, I can see Mike's thumbprint on that goose.

But I digress.

Gold, Silver, Red, or Blue: $10.

[via Lost at E Minor]

Wait a sec... what's that music I'm hearing?

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Prima Cinema — Watch new movies at home the same day they're released at theaters



From Well Done Stuff : "Watch new movies the same day they're released in theaters. Requires at least 10MBPS broadband connection. Comes with fingerprint scanner."


Long story short: The Prima Cinema hardware costs $35,000, and has to be installed, configured, and registered for you by an authorized dealer.

Once that's done, each movie you watch will set you back $500.

Get your popcorn!

Details on the Prima system here.

Get yours here.

[via Richard Kashdan]

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Kenzo Kaleidoscopic Floral Print Shirt

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 3.43.19 PM


Apply within.

[via The New York Times]

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