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December 28, 2012

Cycloramic makes 360° panoramic videos — without a tripod or swivel

Can your phone do that?

It can if 1) it's an iPhone 5 and 2) you pay 99 cents for the Cycloramic app.

Wrote David Pogue in yesterday's New York Times, "You stand the phone upright and tap the Go button. Incredibly, the phone, balancing on its end, begins to rotate itself. Freakiest darned thing you ever saw."

"If you've ever seen a phone scoot itself along a table when it is in buzz mode, you get the principle. The app triggers the phone's vibration module at exactly the right frequencies to make the phone turn on the table. The phone's sensors figure out how far it's rotated."

"It works only on shiny surfaces like glass, polished granite, or laminated wood (like desks), and only the iPhone 5 has exactly the right balance. It's a jaw-dropper."

According to inquisitr and TechCrunch, "Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is fascinated with the Cycloramic app."

I will buy the app and try it out myself, featuring the resulting video (assuming there is one) in the upcoming "Cycloramic: Episode 2."

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creatively using one's mind brings tears to my eyes.

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