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December 28, 2012

Mini Biohazard Tape

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 2.04.25 PM

Just got mine — hope you don't put it on your to-do list because it's gonna sell out and then who you gonna go crying to?

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 2.04.38 PM


Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 2.04.50 PM


Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 2.04.45 PM

From the website:


In our eyes that pair of underpants on the floor is clearly a biohazard.

Use this sticky Mini Biohazard Tape to communicate in a passive-aggressive way when your boundaries of personal cleanliness have been compromised.

Just put a strip of this tape in front of any situation where you want to communicate that IT'S GROSS!

Have a child, spouse, or significant other who leaves dirty dishes in the sink and drinks directly from the milk carton?

This is the tape for you.

Each plastic dispenser has 100 feet of 3/4"-wide tape, which should be enough to get the message across to even the sloppiest slob.

Who knew that office supplies could save a marriage?



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Hmm... Criss-cross the front door with a strip of this and one of the "Crime Scene" tape...

Posted by: John A | Dec 29, 2012 11:15:17 AM

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