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December 9, 2012

Rubber Cuff Links


From the website:


Just break off when needed.

Easy to put on, machine washable, durable, 4 pairs & 4 designs in a pack — no worries if lost.

Injection-molded rubber is a new, stylish, and contemporary accessory material.

Pink or Black.


$25 CAD (Personal Accessories — Page 5)

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I may have four shirts with French Cuffs.

I have a pair of cuff links that my father gave to me when I was a young man. I have a pair that are part of a set of studs (buttons for a formal shirt) given to me when I served as my best friend's Best Man, I have a pair that my mother gave me (her father's cuff links) and a pair that my spouse gave me on our 20th wedding anniversary.

Unless French Cuffs are coming back (as in, THE ONLY OPTION for a dress shirt) I can't see a reason to buy disposable cuff links.

I suppose anybody who spent a lot of time wearing a Tuxedo or formal evening wear (entertainers & diplomats) might find these amusing.

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