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January 19, 2013

What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: Smaller than a bread box.

Another: Has no imaginable place in your — or anyone's — batterie de cuisine. Even Nathan Myhrvold's.

A third: Its functionality in microgravity remains unknown.

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Experts' Expert: How to prepare fresh sea urchin


And to think that not all that long ago fishermen in Maine considered sea urchins trash.

Times change.

An August 2, 2008 post on ComingAnarchy.com told how to prepare them; details below.


"Uni Muki — How to prepare sea urchin

During a recent trip to Rebun Island, the northernmost island in Japan after Hokkaido, I had a chance to break open and prepare a sea urchin at a local fishery. The pictures of the experience are posted here for readers to enjoy below.

Sea urchins are a delicacy in Japan. Here is a tub of the spiny creatures waiting to be shipped across the country or otherwise served up for food.


The only edible part of the creature are its orange gonads. Access requires completely destroying the creature, breaking through its spines and hard crusty shell. To split the creature open, three tools are required — a chisel with a lever, a dull scalpel, and tweezers.


First, the chisel is stabbed into the top of the urchin about half an inch.


Then, the lever is pulled and the flat part of the chisel pushes the shell open, splitting the sea urchin in half.


With bare hands the sea urchin is then pulled apart, its spines still wriggling in desperation. I asked a native supervising my experience if I would be hurt by grabbing the spines of this sea urchin which would likely do anything to stop its own destruction. The lady replied, "the only one who is going to be hurt here is that sea urchin."


The dull scalpel is then used to scrape the inside of the sea urchin into a tray, trying to avoid the brown innards and aim for only the orange gonads.


Tweezers are then used to remove remaining bits of the brown innards. The gonads are then washed in salt water and served as is.


Pictured at the top is one popular tourist food — sea urchin served over rice, with wasabi on top (approximately $18 U.S.).


[via my LA correspondent]

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Guitar Picks Made From Coins


"Liquid smooth beveled edges provide a sweet attack,


and the metal gives a nice bright tonal palette."


"Nashville-based Dustin and Stephanie craft guitar (and mandolin) picks from coins and sell them at their Etsy shop."


From $10.

[via Cool Material and Laughing Squid]

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Blast from the past: My first ever cease-and-desist order


Pictured up top, it came in on August 24, 2006 — boj's then two-year anniversary to the day — from The Atlantic.

Those were the days, my friend....

I was so much more docile and cowed by authority back then.

Now, well, you know how it is now.

Wait a sec... what's that music I'm hearing?

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Cap Zappa: Bottle Opener w Integrated Cap Launcher — "Shoots over 5 meters!"


Can your bottle opener do that?


Didn't think so.


Don't sleep on this one 'cause it'll sell out in a Podunk town minute.

Fair warning.

£6.99 (comes with key chain; bottle not included).

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Lunch at Moto Pho Co


I decided to step outside my microwave/junk food comfort zone yesterday and check out Moto Pho, a new (August 2012) place that opened in a former auto repair shop/garage down on Main Street.

Long story (and lunch, it was SO good) short: Fine pho (below, the menu in its entirety),


edamame sprinkled with sea salt, sesame oil, and crispy red onion that was so good I'm ordering two bowls next time (which won't be long in coming), great atmosphere (sunny, open room with lots of glass and light), nice staff, comfortable chairs and tables, and best of all: free WiFi.

And not just any WiFi: take a look (below)


at the speed test I ran on my iPad while having lunch.

For comparison, my "ultra-high speed" Comcast internet at home has about the same download speed but max upload is around 4.

24 up?

What is this, the GooglePlex?


Oh, yeah, almost forgot: the Sweet Rice Pudding with black-eyed peas and coconut milk was exquisite.

Yeah, I'll be back.

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