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January 29, 2013

What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: Larger — or smaller — than a bread box but mos def not the same size.

Another: Wearable (if you stretch the definition a bit).

A third: Could well have come from Flautist's secret lab out back (no doubt she will have something to add: my advice would be to stay tuned to the Comments section. Fair warning.).

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Why won't Carl Malamud reveal his Durian Cheesecake recipe? What is he hiding?

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.11.59 PM

Said Carl Malamud to Kate Murphy in Sunday's New York Times, "I invented a killer recipe for durian cheesecake while living in Bangkok. It has a coconut biscuit crust and it was published in The Bangkok Post. It's my claim to fame when I go to Bangkok. It's like going to Italy and saying you invented a pasta."


I read that and thought "No worries — I'll just go online and put "Durian Cheesecake Bangkok Times Carl Malamud" into the Google Search Box and Bob's my uncle."

Not so fast, Kemo Sabe: turns out you get this when you do that.

Browsing Malamud's tweets brought back the information pictured up top.

weaksauce indeed.

Come on, Carl — we know you're in there....

FunFact: There's a sushi bar called Kemosabe in Frisco, Colorado.

You could look it up.

No — they don't serve Durian Cheesecake.

Trust me on this.

But if you don't trust me, hey — videre est credere.


Note added at 4:48 p.m. today.

Good news/bad news from Carl Malamud.

The good news: He got right back to me.

The bad news: "well, you're simply going to have to wait. your messages and web sites totally inappropriate. go do something that matters."

Videre est credere:

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.46.22 PM

I am crushed.

Maybe Waldo Jaquith — whom Carl spoke highly approvingly of in the Times piece — will do an intervention.

Yo, Waldo!

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Lithe Clock by Studio Ve — Their Kickstarter video is a work of art

The clock I can't speak for personally though I do like it but man — their Kickstarter video is Kickass good.

Whoever made it oughta advertise because with a video this good, you're far more likely than most of the wannabes to get funded.

Very nicely done.

I learned of it via this email yesterday from the designers:

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.42.43 AM 

$95 seems quite reasonable for something this elegant.

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Public.Resource.org — 6,000 (and counting) government videos

All free, the way we like it.

Fair warning: there goes the day.

In an interview in Sunday's New York Times, Kate Murphy asked Public.Resource.org founder and president Carl Malamud what he was watching.

He responded, "I worked with some friends in Washington to copy 6,000 government videos and upload them to YouTube — look for Public.Resource.org — and to the Internet Archive — look for FedFlix. So I watch of lot of old government videos. Boring? Not a chance! I've got a bulldozer safety flick called 'Stay Calm and Stay in the Cab!' [top] that will knock your socks off. It's had nearly 2.5 million views."

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4:01 a.m. Bottle Opener Series — Episode 10: Key Ring Emergency Rescue Tool

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.37.37 PM

From the website:


Designer Ray Kirk has put his spin on the concept of an emergency strap cutter with his new Key Ring Emergency Rescue Tool.

Now you can have a razor-sharp seatbelt cutter always at the ready on your key ring.

This nifty little tool... features a screwdriver, oxygen tank opener, bottle opener, and 1/4" hex wrench.

Comes with form-fitted black vinyl sheath.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.37.37 PM copy


They had me at tank wrench.

What a perfect gift for the anesthesiologist in your life.

Don't have one?

Get cracking, then!


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"Clearly, Jesus was not a New Yorker"


Natalia Repolovsky, grand panjandrum of Shoebox Dwelling, happened on this ad in the New York City Subway and posted it on Twitter for us surface dwellers who don't have the opportunity to get down — as it were.

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