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January 26, 2013

4:01a.m. Bottle Opener Series — Episode 7: Cheapest of them all


How's $1.35?


Does that work for you?

'Cause it works pretty well for me.

"This credit card-size multi-function survival tool includes a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary wrench, 2-position wrench, and a keychain hole. Comes with a pouch."              

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I also own one of these, I carry it in my wallet. Handy little thing, helped me out a couple of times.

I still do not know what the round thing wit a scale is (the instructions came in Chinese).

Cheers from Kraków!


Posted by: Tomasso | Jan 29, 2013 7:03:34 AM

I have one of these! Got it for a Christmas gift. I carry it in my pocket. Comes in handy!

Posted by: Eric White | Jan 26, 2013 7:16:07 PM

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