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January 2, 2013

bookofjoeTV: It's on!

I've been banging on about how bookofjoeTV is coming real soon now for at least five years.

Well, guess what?

I'm here and Apple TV's still a pipe dream.

You laugh.


Yesterday — January 1, 2013 — marked my TV debut, not the last time in this wonderfully promising nascent year judging by how it's gone so far.

Long story short (though two seconds of air time might be considered a mere passing thing by some to me it's the camel's nose under the tent): I ran yesterday's New Year's Day 5K and NBC29 News was right there up in my grill at the start.

In the video up top you'll see me getting my game face on 35 seconds in: I'm the second person on the left, in the orange shirt and shoes wearing black pants.

Below, a screen grab that NBC29 featured on its website.

Me-NBC News-1:1:13

Oh yeah.

How'd I do?

Pretty well, I think: 25:59 = 8:24/mile.

Really dumb, brain-dead race management, though: I was so full of pep and sass I blasted out to a 3:40 first half mile, then throttled back to clock 3:54 for the second half mile which brought me to mile 1 at 7:34 — way too fast for my stated goal of 8 minute miles.

Predictably I blew up, slowing to 8:34 for the second mile which I reached at 16:08.

Then it was the old death-march-at brisk-cadence routine, the final 1.1 mile segment in 9:51 = 8:57 /mile.

What a jackass I am.

I've only been running now since 1977, probably 300 ± 100 races of all distances up to marathon length: 35 years and I still do inexplicably stupid things.

And I always will.

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Say, tamra, have you tried that argument with the IRS?

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Jan 3, 2013 8:49:14 PM

Eh, what's 35 years anyway?...a drop in the bucket or an illusion of sequential reality. Either way, don't be so hard on yourself.
From Wikipedia:
Time as "unreal"
In 5th century BC Greece, Antiphon the Sophist, in a fragment preserved from his chief work On Truth, held that: "Time is not a reality (hypostasis), but a concept (noêma) or a measure (metron)." Parmenides went further, maintaining that time, motion, and change were illusions, leading to the paradoxes of his follower Zeno.[52] Time as an illusion is also a common theme in Buddhist thought.[53][54]
J. M. E. McTaggart's 1908 The Unreality of Time argues that, since every event has the characteristic of being both present and not present (i.e., future or past), that time is a self-contradictory idea (see also The flow of time).

Posted by: tamra | Jan 3, 2013 2:38:42 AM

a star is born - move over David Letterman

Posted by: sherlock | Jan 2, 2013 9:25:20 PM

Keeping a pace (other than my 2.4 mph standard walk) has always been difficult for me, too.

There are a lot of "paces" that are difficult to predict/maintain. In my case the Mt. rest step works fine for me, but I have short legs and tend to try to keep up with my mates on approach /glaciers, so I wind up lagging behind.

I typically climb trad routes faster than my partners - but opted to let my old friend take the lead on Intersection Rock @ J-Tree a couple of days ago - wound up rapping off in pitch dark conditions.

He was slooow! (And, he doesn't read Blogs.)

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Jan 2, 2013 1:39:54 PM

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