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January 20, 2013

Bug Blaster — "Fruit so clean, you can eat right off the tree"


Below, excerpts from Terry Powell's review in Cool Tools.


BugBlaster copy

The Bug Blaster is a great insect control tool for the garden.


It is completely organic — it only uses the force of water.

I have used the tool for three years and love it.

You just attach it to your hose and turn it on.

The water is forced out a tiny hole and guided in such a way that it comes out in a fine spray that is a flat circle.

Stick the nozzle in your plants and it knocks all the insects and eggs off — those below the leaves and those above

Every gardener knows you can remove aphids by hosing the plant, but it is difficult to get the ones under the leaves.

On delicate new growth, hosing can injure the plants.

But the Bug Blaster has such a fine, controllable spray that it cleans the plants of all the pests and doesn't harm the plants.

"Good" insects are usually hard-shelled and aren't injured.

Since I bought this tool I haven’t used any other pest control method.


From the Bug Blaster website:


100% Environmentally Safe Insect Control

Whether you are a veteran gardener or a weekend warrior, the Bug Blaster offers the safest and most effective non-toxic control possible for your garden pests.

Imagine cleansing your green treasures with water.

Novel as it is, this garden sprayer effectively controls aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs, spider mites and more.

How it works:

The Bug Blaster creats a 360° flat spray annihilating insects from the underside and tops of leaves by blasting full pressure water into the center of your plants, where the insects hide — yet it's gentle enough not to harm plants or beneficial insects.

What it does:

Fatally traumatizes soft body insects as well as cleans spider webs, dust, dirt and sooty mold.  

• Easy to use

• Saves time

• Saves money

• No measuring 

• No mixing

• No rinsing

Best of all, it's safe for children, pets, wildlife and all your fresh fruits and vegetables.



Conversion tip to convert any watering wand into a Bug Blaster: $9.95 (Note: Converting a watering wand into a Bug Blaster requires 3/4" male hose threads at the end of a wand with a 45° bend).

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Our ancestors (mine not very immortal, were yours?) ate fruit right off the tree. What toxic pollutants existed at the time? What color was the sky? --- We really cannot be certain.

Just a thought to moderate hysteria that is currently quite fashionable.

Posted by: Juan Caruso | Jan 20, 2013 9:32:28 PM

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