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January 11, 2013

iPad mini 12x Telephoto Lens


From the website:



Are you an enthusiast keen on taking pictures?

Now we sincerely offer an amazing gadget — zoom magnifier telephoto lens. 

Specially designed for your iPad mini, this telephoto lens can magnify the objects 12X times, delivering high-quality photography. 

The optical telescope overcomes the shortcoming of the iPad mini's camera that's only near-sighted to make a distant view for you at the moment. 

Adopting a novel optical design, the telescope avoids contortion of images effectively.



• 100% brand new, high quality.

• Make your short-sighted camera into a telephoto. 

• Smart design for focusing longer distance when taking photo or video.

• Telephoto lens that adds 12X optical magnification to your iPad mini built-in camera.

• Overcome the short coming of the iPad mini's camera that's only near-sighted.

• With its high quality of photography, you can watch sports events and concerts in close up through your iPad mini zoom telescope.

• Hard cover snaps on to your iPad mini for normal protection.

• Compact design, which is portable and easy to use.



• Minimum focus distance: 3m

• Size: 33mm x 75mm

• Magnification: 12X

• Angle of View: 70°


Black or White.

$27 (iPad mini not included).

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