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February 7, 2013

LED Crystal Earrings — Diamonds are so over (Who moved my TRON?)


From The Green Head:



Diamonds may sparkle but when you want to truly shine, put on these cool new Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings. 

Very 21st century, these unique earrings light up in white, red, or blue using mini battery packs and super-bright LEDs.

Of course, there's an On/OFF mode — but wouldn't you rather light up the night?

They also pair nicely with the cool glowing outfits from "TRON" should you happen to get sucked into the gaming grid.


Not a bad idea for women who run after dark, especially along ill-lit roads like the ones that predominate here in hicksville.



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"Why quantum mechanics is an 'embarrassment' to science"


Hey, I'm just the messenger for Brad Plumer's Washington Post story about a 2011 poll of 33 of the world's top experts in quantum mechanics asked to list their favorite interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Long story short: "Not a single one of the interpretations could even garner a simple majority vote. Ninety years after the theory was first developed, there's still no consensus on what quantum physics actually means. 'I'll go out on a limb to suggest that the results of this poll should be very embarrassing to physicists,' wrote cosmologist Sean Carroll."

More: "On the plus side, the theory turns out to be very, very, very, very accurate in making experimental predictions."

And: "In the video below,

Carroll breaks down the basics of why scientists can't seem to agree on how to interpret quantum mechanics — and explains why it's so critical: 'What is quantum mechanics, really? I mean, that's like saying 'what is the Universe?' What more important question is there than that?'"

Hey, nothing to see here, please move along: way back in the twentieth century Richard Feynman remarked, "Nobody really understands quantum mechanics."

Nothing's changed: why should it?

It's we who have to change: the physics can fend for itself.

I liked Feynman's remark so much I used it as the final sentence of my 2002 book [top].

You could look it up.

Don't waste your 99 cents paying for a copy: it's drivel.

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Wild Card — Wall Mounted Playing Card Magnetic Board


From the fertile mind of Avihai Shurin comes this cool wall candy.


4 of clubs or 5 of diamonds.


11" x 8" x 0.02".


Take a card.


105 ILS.

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Kevin Spacey: 9 impersonations in 6 minutes

From Open Culture : "Kevin Spacey has got talent. The man has won two Academy Awards. So we know he can act. He can sing. He now serves as the Artistic Director of the Old Vic Theatre in London. And let's check off another box: Spacey can do some great impersonations."

"Appearing on 'Inside the Actors Studio' back in July 2000, Spacey charmed host James Lipton and the audience by reeling off nine impersonations in six minutes. Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carson, Katharine Hepburn, Clint Eastwood, John Gielgud, Marlon Brando, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, and Jack Lemmon, they all make an appearance."

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4:01 a.m. Bottle Opener Series ('I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy") — Episode 19: Rhino Multitool


From CoolThings:



Designed to hook onto a key ring, the Rhino Multitool measures just 2.1 inches long, making it easy to slide into your pocket or slot into a spare pouch in your rucksack. 


The rhino's horns are actually a 9.5mm truck wrench, the front feet a 13mm wheel wrench, and the rear feet a 14.5mm kingpin wrench. 


The mouth acts as a receptacle for one of the four included screwdriver bits, with the stomach hiding a removable ice scraper and wax comb. 

Rhinomultitool1-1 copy

Rounding out the features are the ears (a bottle opener) and the tail (a keyring clip). 


High-quality stainless steel, made in Milan, Italy. 

Designed by Enrique Luis Sardi.



[via The Awesomer and Fam. Troost in The Netherlands: Go Dutch!]

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A few words from the flight deck (how do you spell CFIT?)

As I prepare to enter the second half of year 9 of bookofjoe (August 24 marks my anniversary) at long last things are starting to happen: the bookofjoeTV ice sheet has begun to crack and melt, with real thawing and opening of the heretofore immobile, unyielding mass accelerating now with every passing day.

The next six months will see more changes and developments than have happened since 2004.

For one thing, it's crystal clear that the internet is going mobile — if you're not front and center and easily accessible and usable on a phone or tablet, you won't exist in a year or two.

To that end, all my wood is behind the mobile arrow backstage here as a crackerjack new media designer-developer is moving to make bookofjoe mobile better than its current computer screen version.

Stay tuned over the next few months as I roll out a series of new features including: a stylish bespoke home screen icon for phones and tablets; new easy-to-navigate content, customized and optimized for phones and tablets; a new website look; bookofjoeTV features integrated into the website; and much, much more.

Here's a taste of the information that's now flowing to me via my finally untapped, long dormant Google Analytics (GA) dashboard from my Brooklyn-based wunderkind's skunkworks:

After a brief review of your mobile device traffic from February 4, 2012 — February 4, 2013, I have some interesting data to share:

During that timespan, boj received 795,917 unique visitors (66,300/month).

Of those visitors, about 67% were new visitors and 33% were returning visitors.

The average visit duration was 79 seconds and approximately 17% came from mobile devices.

Of those mobile visitors, about 70% were using iOS, 20% Android, and the remaining 10% Blackberry/Windows/Samsung/Nokia.

About 73% (with an almost even split) of all mobile devices had screen resolutions of 320x480 or 768x1024, indicating either iPhone 3, iPad<3 (e.g. without a Retina display), or iPad mini.

To summarize, bookofjoe's mobile audience is not very large at the moment (17%), but makes up a significant enough fraction of total traffic to warrant an investment in mobile visitors.

The main devices to target are those running iOS, with special attention being paid to iPhone and iPad, both non-Retina and Retina (to be prepared for any future shift to retina displays).

Secondary to iOS are Android devices using similar screen resolutions.


Note added at 7:55 a.m. Friday, February 8:

So, interesting update.

I just discovered that GA does not account for pixel density.

What this means is that while a device like the iPhone 4 has a screen resolution of 640x960, it is registered by GA as 320x480 (the same as iPhone 3).

Similarly, an iPad 3 would considered as 1024x768 (as opposed the actual 2048x1536).

With that in mind, there are more Retina devices in the mix than I initially thought (e.g. iPhone 4 and iPad 3).

This does not change our direction at all, but I thought you should know.

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