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February 22, 2013

LED Lighted Hands-Free Magnifier Visor


A whole lot of functions packed into this hands-free device: "Made for close-up detailed work, the LED Lighted Head Magnifier Visor has up to 10X magnification with a combination of fixed, flip-up, and monocle lenses. Bright dual LEDs adjusts vertically and horizontally and can be removed for use independent of the magnifier. Head strap easily adjusts using push button. Includes 2 AAA batteries."


[via Cool Tools]

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BehindTheMedspeak: Is your allergist a quack?



You be the judge.

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FloodSax: "Sandless sandbag" expands from doormat-size to 44-pound, 18" x 21" block by absorbing 5 gallons of water

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 8.04.03 PM

Can your doormat do that?

Didn't think so.

Apply within.

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A harmonica in Carnegie Hall – The magnificent Buddy Greene will knock your socks off

Oh, jeez, I thought, another video from the irrepressible Joe Peach, who sends me tons of stuff in which I find, from time to time, irresistibly great jewels like this video of one Buddy Greene — whom I'd never heard of before I watched the video — playing harmonica in Carnegie Hall.

It starts off the way I kind of expected it to but then — 2:38 into the video — Greene segues into a version of Rossini's "William Tell Overture" that got my rapt attention and took it to a fantastically joyful place.

A work of art indeed.

Thank you, Joe, and keep the great finds coming.

You've got a home in Pennsylvania... wait a sec, of course you do, I mean, you live there and all — I meant to say a second, spiritual home here in Podunkville.

But I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to get across.

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Baby Handprint/Footprint Stamp


We get email:

Dear bookofjoe,

My name is Eisei Yamamoto, working in Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc./Rezon from Tokyo.

It's a pleasure to write this mail to you.

Today I'm writing you because we would like to introduce & submit original order made product "OTETE & ANYO" (http://www.otetetoanyo.com/index_en) to you!

Hope you enjoy and please consider this for writing about on your site if you are interested. Thank you!

They are only original stamps in the world that engraved baby's tiny handprint or footprint in real size.

Not only using a simple stamp that can be stamped on papers and letters, but also they can be used for lifelong memorial such as birthday present, baby gift and more.


I wish I had mine.

Oh, well.


Apply within.

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Science grrls — "The Remarkable Beatrice Tinsley"

This post courtesy of Flautist, for the second time this week given the proverbial key to the boj city and source code by causing me to post sight unseen the YouTube video link she attached to a late Tuesday night email.

I will watch it for the first time just like you.

I must say, I'm really getting to like having her do the heavy lifting and all, while I just sit back and snuggle with Gray Cat and observe the passing parade of deer and squirrels and the early birds of spring.

Beats working.

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