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February 25, 2013

i.Trek SupaMount — Exclusive Gray Cat Unboxing


This piece of kit arrived about a half hour ago and Gray Cat was all over it (above and below).

Long story short: "The i.Trek SupaMount is a uniquely-designed tripod mount that makes any mobile phone or iPod attach to any kind of tripod [can your tripod mount do that? Didn't think so. But I digress]."

"You will no more need a digital camera."


Constant readers will recall that I abandoned my digital camera two weeks ago when — after I picked it up for the first time in months to take a picture of something or another that attached to my iPhone — I was unable to use the camera because of the complexity of on-screen icons and buttons that made it impossible for this card-carrying TechnoDolt©™® to simply take a picture.


No worries, though, now that I've got my nifty new i.Trek.

Features and Details as noted in attached literature:

• Fits any kind of tripod

• Can be used as a phone/MP3 player stand

• The most flexible tripod mount in the world

• Fits any mobile phone or iPod ≤15mm thick

• Anti-damage structure prevents your device from damage [sic]

• Crafted from solid aluminum and have super high strength [sic]

• Powerful holding system holds your device stable in any way [sic]

• 2 (two) screw holes placed 90° to each other let you choose your hold in portrait or landscape [sic]


Fantastic build quality, with a buttery-smooth screw/tightening mechanism featuring rubber faces on both sides that won't damage your device.

B copy


Full disclosure: I only learned of the existence of this tool in a comment on Mark Frauenfelder's review of the Glif in last week's edition of Cool Tools.

Commenter Stanton trashed the Glif and noted the existence of this — to her or him, at least — far better piece of kit.

I can't speak as to the merits of the Glif since for me it's a non-starter because it only works with a naked iPhone: no in-case capability.

NO WAY am I gonna take my iPhone 5 out of its superb G-Force case every time I want to use a mount: completely negates the point of having a protective case.

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Great idea for the camera holder.

"You will no more need a digital camera." not so much. So far. Most people won't need a digital camera most of the time, but the "cameras" (which are increasingly becoming image processing computers as well) have one thing that phones don't - glass. No matter how good the imaging sensor, you can only pack so many photons through a pinhead sized lens, pixel size is similarly limited by physics (though they're not there yet) and there's only so much in-processor correction for all of that.

Will it matter in the 9 billion duckface pictures posted to Facebook every day? Nope. Will you be able to do stunning close-ups or amazing night panoramas? Not yet...

Posted by: Scott | Feb 28, 2013 12:03:24 PM

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