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March 19, 2013

Adjustable Prescription Glasses


Wrote Roy Furchgott in the New York Times, "Adlens is about to introduce a pair of inexpensive eyeglasses with both celebrity cachet and a technology that lets you adjust the prescription by just turning a knob."


"Its John Lennon Collection features glasses in the round style favored by Mr. Lennon with a variable lens that can be adjusted for near, intermediate, or distant sight. The sizable knobs that adjust the lenses are removable, but you would have to keep them handy if you often want to change prescriptions."


"The glasses... become available in April at a price of $80. They work by using fluid to change the shape of a membrane inside the lens, which changes the prescription."

"In a test, the ophthalmologist Ryan Beveridge, using a lensometer, found that the glasses delivered on the declared corrective power of minus 4.5 diopters to plus 3.5 diopters. That means correction from fine print to scenic overlooks."

"The doctor said the glasses were good for people with presbyopia, an inability to focus, especially on items that are close, which is often addressed with bifocals or trifocals. Virtually everybody will get presbyopia, usually after age 40. 'These will work for a majority of people,' Dr. Beveridge said of the Adlens glasses. But not everybody. People with astigmatism, for instance, an abnormal curve of the cornea, will not be helped much by the adjustable focus."

"Dr. Beveridge called the design 'a good start,' although he noted some lens aberrations and distortions. For that reason, he said, the Lennon glasses may be best used as a backup."

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John Lennon wore wire frames, not hornrims, didn't he? I'm pretty sure, because I remember how in the John & Yoko years I thought, I have just GOT to have some of those, and I got the optometrist to put my quarter-inch-thick Coke bottle prescription lenses in some fragile wires and the a****le tinted the lenses slightly this greeny-gray color, and I looked vaguely insane, I mean certifiable. Less cool and girly-hip and more Doctor Strangelove.

Those frames look like X-ray specs. But you know, I like them.

Posted by: Flautist | Mar 19, 2013 6:47:26 PM

Weren't these same style of glasses proferred years ago as an affordable way to fight incorrect vision in the developing world, because they would be so cheap to manufacture?

I'm a a bit disappointed that the next time I hear of them, it's for laziness and fashion of the "1st world", and not as a resounding success in the developing world.

Yep, here it is, from roughly 5 years ago.....http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/dec/22/diy-adjustable-glasses-josh-silver

Posted by: EEJ | Mar 19, 2013 6:32:37 PM

Ironically, the most I've ever spent on glasses over the last several years has been $50. Most clocking in at $20 to 30. And they actually fit my prescription. Sunglasses, fashion glasses, crazy stuff that I wear one time and goes into my glasscase to never come out again.

This sort of idea is cool and it would be nice for third world nations where you need to ship something identical and adjust per the user, but for anyone else? Not worth it...

Posted by: clifyt | Mar 19, 2013 3:55:58 PM

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