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April 3, 2013

World's Lightest Solid — Now "Made in China"


From the New York Times:


"Bragging rights as the creator of the world's lightest material now move from the United States to China. Carbon aerogel is about one-sixth the density of air, or 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, handily besting the metal lattice that weighed in at 0.9 milligrams per cubic centimeter (100 times as light as Styrofoam) and was forged in 2011 by a team of researchers from the California Institute of Technology; the University of California, Irvine; and HRL Laboratories."


"Scientists from Zhejiang University in China revealed last week what they say is the world's lightest solid material, a mass of atom-thick carbon sheets called carbon aerogel [above]."

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Swipe-to-Shine LED Microlight — "Switch from the switch"


Catchy, what?


From the website:



This innovative touch-activated microlight lights with a simple swipe, making bright — 16 lumens — LED illumination easy, instant, and ultra-convenient.


Featuring innovative "Swipe To Shine" touch technology, the light is compact, convenient, and impressively powerful.


Its durable water-and-shock-resistant casing is designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

The white LED is activated nearly instantly with a quick right-to-left swipe of the thumb, thus eliminating the need to fumble with a switch.

High, variable dimming, low, and flash modes allow you to use the light for everything from reading maps to finding keyholes to sending alert signals.

The included versatile S-biner stainless steel double-gated carabiner can be clipped to key chains, belt loops, zipper pulls, purse, or backpack straps to keep your microlight conveniently where you need it, when you need it.

Details and Features:

• Features dual electrode capacitive sensing technology which we call "Swipe-To-Shine"

• Four functions: High power, Variable dim, Low power, and Strobe

• Temperature operation range: –4° F/–20°C to 104°F/40°C

• Battery type: Two replaceable 2032 Li batteries (included)

• Carabiner clip attaches securely and releases easily

• Run time: High 9 hours/Low 64 hours

• Thumb grip pad for non-slip control

• Dimensions: 3.18" x 1.09" x 0.43"

• Lumens: High 16/Low 2

• Weight: 0.53 oz (15g)

• LED color: White


Translucent Smoke, Olive, Blue, or Orange body.


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"The Last Barfighter" — A real arcade game that dispenses real beer

Homer Simpson's dream come true.


Along with that of longtime Indianapolis-based boj Crack Research Team®™© member clifyt.

But I digress.

From Geeks Are Sexy : "Two people play. One wins. Winner gets beer. Advertising group McKinney has created 'The Last Barfighter,' a game for a 'Beercade.'"

What's that?

I have an idea that it involves beer.

Ya think?

More: "From the game itself to the cabinet it sits in, everything was created in-house by McKinney. The Beercade is now part of a campaign for Big Boss Brewing out of North Carolina, part of special events and beer tastings."

From I HEART CHAOS: "The Beercade is like a microbrew-loving gamer's dream come to life. Player 1 and Player 2 each place a cup below their respective tap, then battle in a retro fighting game to see who wins an actual pour. 'The Last Barfighter' is a lot like 'Mortal Kombat' — except it takes place in a bar. To the victor go the bubbly spoils, while the loser gets to watch him drink."

[via a member of my Crack Pittsburgh Correspondent®™© team, leaving no tern unstoned in their quest to finally knock a bird off course. Yinz know who yinz are.]

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There are 3 types of countries in the world, if you go by spending on household products

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 6.15.45 AM

Look at the graphic above.

I find it startling.

How is it that here in the U.S. and in the U.K. people spend so much money on stuff for their homes, while the rest of the world seems to get by quite nicely with far less capital thrown at such things?

I would bet you that if you asked residents of all seven countries about their perceived levels of satisfaction with the state of their households, you'd find no relationship whatsover between expenditure per capita and state of mind.

In fact, I predict there would be a negative correlation.

[via Economist Intelligence Unit and Mintel]

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Stealth Q-Tips


200 black cotton-tipped swabs: $5.25 .


4934761396705_03_400 copy

That's less than 3 cents apiece.


Cheap at twice the price.

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Bodo's gift card is slyly transgressive — but no one will notice

Photo copy 2

I'm thinking not more than 1% of the people who buy one of these cards — as I did for the very first time ever Monday, though they've been on sale for about two years — will have a clue as to the origin and significance of the image underlying the illustration on the card.

Prolly just as well.

Love it.

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