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April 5, 2013

Phoning Anna Wintour

From Broadsheet: "Heart-pounding tension as Kyle (posing as fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier) calls Anna Wintour at Vogue in New York."

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Anger Management Stress Balls: Set of 3 offers progressive relief — "Bet you can't use just one"


Finally someone twigged.

Hard to decide who in your office needs these most, eh?

Been there, done that.

Better you than me.

But I digress.

From the website:



We've all had that day where everything seems to go wrong.

No milk for the morning coffee, endless traffic making you late for work, followed by losing a couple of hours work when Windows decides to crash for no apparent reason... then BOOM! The rage really kicks in.

To help you get through these days we have developed the Anger Management set of stress balls for progressive stress relief.

The Anger Management Set includes three different stress balls to help you cope with increasing levels of stress throughout the day.

So the next time you're thinking about lobbing your monitor out the window, use our Anger Management stress balls instead — much safer, and far less likely to land you in jail.




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Insanity Saturday in Charlottesville: April 6, 2013 — Save the Date!


Tomorrow promises to be crazy and weird and chaotic — just the way I like it.

Consider the following:

• "Thousands are expected to line up downtown for Saturday's 6:30 a.m. start of the 11th annual Charlottesville Marathon on a course that will take them through the University of Virginia, on Garth Road, up River Road and through downtown. The race is one of four planned Saturday that police estimate will put as many as 3,000 runners on local roads." There will be many road closures and traffic stoppages throughout the city and county until 10 a.m. as a result. — today's Charlottesville Daily Progress

• The Charlottesville City Market's opening day is tomorrow: 7 a.m. sharp downtown. (I'll be there in Space 26, broadcasting live as bookofjoeTV's World Premiere happens, at long last; hope you'll stop by so I can Vine you and make a worldwide star)

• UVA women's tennis vs. Wake Forest starts at noon at Snyder Tennis Center on Grounds — free admission

• UVA football's spring game starts at 1 p.m. at Scott Stadium — free admisssion

• UVA men's lacrosse vs. North Carolina at Klöckner Stadium at 3:30 p.m.

Cirque du Soleil performs "Quidam" at JPJ arena at UVA at 3:30 p.m. and again at 7:30 p.m.


My plan is to get up at 5:15 a.m., leave the house at 5:45 a.m., arrive downtown around 6 a.m., then figure out how to get all my stuff from the car to Space 26 for the market opening and bookofjoeTV's World Premiere broadcast.

No worries.

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iPhone Roomba — World's smallest robotic cleaner


What, you thought robotic cleaners were just for floors?


Wake up and smell the clean screen, little flower.


From the website:



We use our phones so much now that they also need to be cleaned more and more frequently.


Well, take the hassle out of the chore with this funky Auto Mee S by Takara Tomy.

This little chap is a robotic cleaner so it can scrub your smartphone screen all by itself.

Just give it a few minutes to finish the job and then, "Hey presto!" — you have a shining handset once again.

Whether it's an iPhone, Android smartphone, or tablet, the Auto Mee S will take care of the irksome wax & polish for you.

Yes, this is actually the world's smallest robotic cleaner, according to the makers.

It's so compact it will even fit in the palm of your hand [but do not expect it to wash and dry it].

Details and Features:

• 2.8"Ø

• Powered by 1 AA battery (not included)

• Instructions in Japanese (but easy to use) [sic]


$23 (touchscreen device[s] not included. What's wrong with you?).

Oh, I see how it is.

You're still not sure.

All right, why not waste a little more time since it's clear you're not gonna get anything done today: how about a video of this puppy doing its thing?

Will that work for you?

You're so predictable.

[via The Green Head]

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BehindTheMedspeak — "Lick your wounds" isn't just a figure of speech: It's good medical advice

Wrote Mary Roach in a March 25, 2013 New York Times story, "As a germ killer itself, saliva has few rivals. Its anti-clumping properties keep bacteria from forming colonies on the teeth and gums. And it contains histatins, which not only kill bacteria but also have been shown to speed wound closure independent of antibacterial action."

"'It is a known observation among the vulgar that the saliva is efficacious in cleansing foul wounds, and cicatrizing recent ones,' wrote the 18th-century physician Herman Boerhaave. He was correct. Wounds that would take several weeks to heal on one's skin disappear in a week inside the mouth."

Only after I read the previous paragraph did I get to thinking about whether that is true in my own experience: I think so.

Readers, what say you?

Can you bring sustenance to this table?

Ms. Roach's new book, "Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal," promises to be as simultaneously amusing and unsettling as her previous efforts.

Caption for the video up top, among the most bizarre things I've ever seen on YouTube: "Histatins are a group of electrophoretically distinct histadine-rich polypeptides found in humal saliva. They have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflamatory properties. They are also a major wound closing factor; they do not stimulate proliferation, but do induce cell spreading and migration, two key initiating steps in reepithelization."

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Solar-USB-Charging Market Umbrella


Perfect for my upcoming bookofjoeTV World Premiere at my spot at the Charlottesville City Market Saturday morning.


No worries about keeping my iPhone powered up as I make Vine after Vine and post them in an unending stream, giving each and every one of the starstruck fame-seeking denizens of my Podunk town who wants a shot at the big time their 6 seconds in the spotlight.


Can't wait!

From the tricked-out brolly website:


The cool new umbrella not only shields you from the sun's rays but it also takes advantage of them by converting them into power for charging up mobile devices.

This innovative patio umbrella has a 9-foot diameter canopy with 4 solar panels woven in, feeding electricity to convenient USB ports along the pole.

If it happens to be cloudy out, there's also an integrated rechargeable 3.7-volt/1000mA backup battery for uninterrupted power flow.

Great for those who would rather be on their smartphone or tablet constantly instead of enjoying beautiful sunny weather.



[via The Green Head]

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