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April 15, 2013

T.S. Eliot reads "The Waste Land"

Above, the poet reads his 1922 poem.

Text here.

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LED Night Light with Wash & Brush Timer


Excerpts from Ian Hall's Cool Tools review follow.


I bought this timer/night-light for my 5-year-old daughter.

She understands the importance of brushing her teeth and is excited about doing it on her own, however she underestimates the time required to fully complete the task.

I finally decided it was time to get her a better brushing timer so she can form a good practice on her own without dad hovering and correcting constantly. After much research, this timer was my choice. Not only does it have the two-minute toothbrushing timer, but it’s also got a 20-second handwashing timer and built-in night-light with auto on/off (it goes on when the room is dark, off when light).


When she presses the hand icon or the brush icon a green light flashes. As the wash/brush session nears its end, the light flashes faster and faster. When the session is over a red light flashes a few times and then the light goes off. The simple iconography is easy for her to understand, the buttons are easy to press, and it’s fun for her to watch the light flash.


The timer also has a water-resistant face and fits well in the bathroom plug without blocking my other outlet.


Tell you what, I know someone considerably older who could use a little incentive when it comes to brushing his teeth....




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The four elements of a good place to live





A View

Lagniappe: near water.

I read this somewhere maybe 25 years ago.

It's always struck me as true.

I was fortunate enough in 1983, in central Virginia from LA for a career move, to happen on the house I still live in after seeing probably 50 others, none of which appealed to me.

This one — I said to myself — is the one, from the moment I entered it.

I wouldn't live anywhere else in the area or for that matter in the world if offered the opportunity.

It's got all five elements, something I realized after reading the piece about the four/five essentials.

Gray Cat likes it too.


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Boiling Water Whistler




What took so long?

"Simply place the floating device into a pot of water and once it reaches its boiling point, this ingenious tool will whistle its ears off."


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Why I'm moving on to bookofjoeTV


In a nutshell, with Roz Chast's perfect pitch.

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New Complete Guide to Sewing


Wrote Kevin Kelly in Cool Tools, "When a struggling new fashion-designer needs to hone their sewing skills, Project Runway guru Tim Gunn steers them to this "Reader's Digest Guide to Sewing." It's got the best, clearest, and most complete introduction to 95% of the sewing skills you'll ever need. It's practical and methodical in its instructions. Not as good as grandma, but anyone will be able to pick up stitches, cutting, and machine use from it."


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