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April 20, 2013

Cheap and nearly indestructible steel pry bar


Evanda reviewed it thus in Cool Tools:

I got one of these pry bars at Harbor Freight about 10 years ago and have since gotten many more as gifts and spares. Their natural versatility is furthered by expendability (often on sale for $2.50).

I've used mine to pry off moulding, force flooring slats tightly together, widen gaps too tight for a full crowbar, chisel old mortar off bricks, open paint cans, scrape paint, caulk, act as a spacer when decking, bang on various things, and pull nails in tight locations with its cat's paw.

It's a great general purpose abuse tool that fits in a small toolbox and won't worry you if chipped, bent, painted, greased, bespeckled with construction adhesive, or lost.


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Microsoft flails at Google — when all else fails, invoke privacy


Too funny.

The ad up top took up most of a page of the Washington Post earlier this week.

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Paper Watch


I know time is evanescent but this is ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 6.11.19 PM

Or maybe spot-on.

You tell me.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 6.11.09 PM

You buy a blank slate — as it were — and then do what you will.

Wonder what magic Flautist — grand panjandrum and majordomo of Motley Apricot Paintworks — could work with one of these.

Food for thought.... 

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 6.11.14 PM


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Margaret Thatcher looked a LOT more at home in a tank than Dukakis


Above, the then-British Prime Minister stands in a tank during a visit to British forces in Fallingbostel, Germany, in 1986.

Contrast that with the photo (below)


that put paid to Dukakis's candidacy as Democratic nominee for president in 1988.

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High-Resolution Ear Scope (13,000 pixels): "Fiber optic endoscope for ear wax cleaning — and more!"


You'll look even more astonished than the woman in the photo above when you finally light up the wads of crud jammed into your external ear canals.



From the website:


This new and improved Ear Scope is one of the most advanced in the world.

The quality of the fiber optic has been increased to a full, amazing 13,000 pixels — almost double that of other models.

This means you obtain a near perfect view of the inside of your ear, ideal for removing wax or giving you visibility in openings and hard-to-reach places.

Yes, this is a tool that can be both part of your health and beauty routine, as well as a superb assistant for when doing practical chores around the house!

Store it securely in the blister box provided (much sturdier than the pouch that came with previous models) or even take it on trips with you.

The Ear Scope is also available in two different attractive handles, either the colorful Champagne Gold or the uniquely designed, chic Japanese Pine for that special Oriental touch.

Features and Details:

  • Power: 9V battery
  • Lens: 1.5mm diameter
  • Cord length: 57cm (22.4")
  • Instruction manual: English
  • Weight: 180g (ear scope body) 
  • High definition 13,000-pixel fiber optic
  • Adjustable light source via integrated dimmer
  • Ear scope size: 41mm x 120mm x 143mm (1.6" x 4.7" x 5.3")
  • Includes: light guide, ear spoon (plastic), ear picks (20 pieces), battery, blister box (for storage)


Champagne Gold or Japanese Pine.


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