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April 11, 2013

Run Angry


In anger lies power and enhanced performance.

When I saw Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall  exhort his players at half-time during one of their round of 8 or 16 games in the NCAA tourney to "Play Angry," I knew I'd met another acolyte of this anti-Pollyanna approach to athletic competition.

Forget about feeling good while you're dying and about to collapse from overheating and dehydration: it won't get you to the finish line.

A squirt of rage-induced epinephrine from your adrenal glands, though, is just the ticket to help you push through the misery and pain and make it all the way home.

You do not want to be in my vicinity during the final tenth of a mile in local 5K races: I unleash a stream of self-hating invective that I can't hear because the music's so darn loud in my headphones but judging from the dismay on the faces of the runners I pass — and I do pass quite a number, I daresay with no small delight — it isn't very pleasant to listen to.

That's one of the great joys of competing as you age: people say "He's just a crazy old guy who's got early Alzheimer's" and you're forgiven pretty much anything.

I wonder how far that will take me once I start causing trouble with my soon-to-be operational Google Glass.



That is an understatement.

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