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May 13, 2013

Sic transit gloria mundi: AbandonedGeography.com












[via reader Jean Roberts who added "There goes the day." She got that right.]

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Travel-hoodiepillow-hooded-travel-pillow-1-1 copy

That's different.

Travel-hoodiepillow-hooded-travel-pillow-3 copy

And clever.


A more palatable version of the singular Ostrich Pillow.


Think outside the travel space: this is perfect for wearing to the movie theater so you don't notice those distracting little aisle lights alongside the edges of your field of view.

Not to mention the too bright EXIT signs negating the whole point of going to a theater to watch a film the way its director intended it to be seen: in total, pitch blackness.

From The Green Head : "When you're traveling by plane, train, automobile, boat, or whatever and you just want to block out the world and cocoon yourself in total comfort while you snooze, you'll want one of these."

"It's a cozy sweatshirt hoodie fused to a travel pillow. Just inflate the pillow insert and wrap it around your neck, slide the hoodie over your head, pull the drawstrings, and ... ahhh ... zzzzz. Great solution — unless you're already wearing a hooded sweatshirt."

Black or Red: $20.99.

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I am the champion: First Place in Saturday's Virginia Challenge Master's Mile Men 60-69


Videre est credere.

Yes, they all laughed at the geezer bringing up the rear on the first lap but I had the last — and sweetest — laugh as I closed my final lap with a furious driving finish to best the ultimate #2 and #3 runners in my division.

I felt a lot worse than I look in the picture above, overtaking my long-time arch rival (since 1983!) Richard Moon at the beginning of the bell lap.


Better luck next year, gentlemen.

Below, the victor amidst his post-race spoils.


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Sippy Wine Glass


Now you can look like the fool everyone around you secretly thinks you are.

Way past time to bag the gap between appearance and reality.

From the website: "When standing and noshing, juggling a glass of wine can be challenging. Enter this acrylic wine glass with a no-spill sippy lid. Ingenious! The double-wall insulated design helps wine stay cool and won't sweat. 6-½"H."


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Anna Wintour: Punk (Rejected New York Magazine Cover)



If they'd gone with that cover they'd never eat lunch in Gotham again.

Like Gromyko said of Gorbachev when the Politburo was deciding whether to make him premier, "Nice teeth — but they're made of steel."

[via Coverjunkie]

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Natural Cleaning Lemon Spray Bottle


What took so long?


From The Green Head :"Isn't it kind of strange that we 'clean' with toxic chemicals that are typically bad for us and the planet? The Natural Cleaning Spray Bottle is a human-, eco-, and wallet-friendly cleaning alternative that replaces toxic chemicals with inexpensive ingredients you can find in any grocery store. Just fill the bottle with white vinegar, juice a lemon with the built-in juicer, screw on the spray nozzle, and that's it: a cheap and effective disinfecting cleaning spray with a fresh citrus scent. All-in-one cleaning kit includes a calibrated spray-nozzle bottle, lemon reamer, microfiber cloth, and 25-page recipe booklet of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions."



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