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May 16, 2013

BehindTheMedspeak: Why I burst out laughing when someone tells me something is urgent

Below, excerpts from a chapter of my upcoming book "Think Like An Anesthesiologist."


When I get emails or phone calls or texts from people telling me about how important something is — and how I must respond RIGHT NOW — my first reaction is always to snicker.

Gimme a break.

"Can't intubate can't ventilate" — that's urgent.

The rest is piffle and very small beer and can just wait until I'm good and ready to deal with it.

Unless you've stood over a patient's increasingly cyanotic face, unable to intubate or ventilate, while the O2 sat meter's beeps get lower and lower and slower and slower, and felt the sweat running down your butt crack, you have no idea what "right now" really means.

Rule of thumb: In otherwise healthy adults, permanent, irreversible brain damage begins after five minutes of hypoxia.

In children, or adults with compromised pre-existing physical status, less.

Sometimes significantly less.

Trust me on this.

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Sunny Side Up Play Mat


From the website: "Give infants tummy time on this playful mat that looks like a giant fried egg. The yoke is slightly raised and padded, so the child can comfortably rest his or her head. The egg white has cellophane inside that crackles like an egg frying in a pan, an engaging sound for a baby. Hand made in Brooklyn, New York."


Nice New York Times Q&A with designer Leah Dumigan (top, on her mat with her daughter Hue) here.


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"If you watch only one video about bat tongues this week, let it be [this] one"

Wrote Jennifer A. Kingson in "The Week"  in Tuesday's New York Times Science section, "If you watch only one video about bat tongues this week, let it be one made by biologists at Brown University, who figured out how to illuminate the animals' long tongues without bothering their sensitive bat eyes. 'We shot color high-speed video of the bats gathering nectar, which is challenging to obtain because color cameras require a lot of light,' said Cally J. Harper, lead author of a paper on the research. The nimble camera work, she said, produced 'the 'aha' moment” of the study."

"[The bats] have a clever physiological trick for scooping nectar from a flower's depths. Their tongues [below],


it turns out, are designed with bristles on the tip, which stiffen as blood flows there during mealtimes, creating an effective brush or mop for sticky food. 'We don't know of any other mammal that uses blood to inflate papillae on the tip of their tongue during feeding,' said... Harper, a Brown graduate student whose paper was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 'We think that these tongue tips could be used as models for innovations in industrial design,' she said. For example, the concept could be used to create surgical tools that keep blood vessels open during operations."

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Star Wars Skin Suits

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 6.58.06 PM

From the ThisIsWhyImBroke: "Disguise yourself as the mighty Vader or Chewy while showing off that fit and toned figure with Star Wars Skins Suits. These skin-tight suits offer maximum flexibility and comfort while keeping true to the appearance of the Star Wars characters we all know and love."

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 6.58.20 PM

Next week is "Take your favorite Star Wars character to work" Day: perfect.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 6.58.30 PM

Darth Vader, Chewbacca, or Boba Fett: $63.79 apiece.

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Ĥ∪ṃαи 尺єαďαӸє Ƭƴρє (Human Readable Type)


From Ĥ∪ṃαи 尺єαďαӸє Ƭƴρє:

Ƭңє Ĥ∪ṃαи 尺єαďαӸє Ƭƴρє ʪ α ғΓєє ďσẘ␤σαďαӸє αиď є℁ƴ ʈσ ㏌§ʈαƖƖ Ⱪєƴ♭σαΓď ρƖ㎍㏌ ғσΓ ᗰα⊏ ʈңαʈ ㏚σď∪₠§§ ң∪ṃαи-σ␤ƴ ΓєαďαӸє ʈєχʈ ℁ ƴσ∪ ʈƴρє․ ШσΓď§ ẘΓįʈʈєи ʈңʪ ẘαƴ αΓє įƖƖє⅁įӸє ʈσ α∪ʈσṃαʈį⊂ §єαΓ⊂ң ㏚σ₠§§є§ αиď ďαʈα ṃٱи㏌⅁ σρєΓαʈįσ觧․ ␟є įʈ ғσΓ ␙αįʪ˛ ẘє♭ρα⅁є§˛ ғα₠♭σσʞ ρσ§ʈ§˛ єʈ⊂․ ιʈ ʪ ΓєαďαӸє ♭ƴ ң∪ṃαи§ σи αƖṃσ§ʈ αиƴ ďį⅁įʈαƖ ďє√į₠ αиď ρƖαʈғσΓṃ
Ƭңє ғįƖє ʪ θρєи Ƨσ∪Γ₠˛ αиď ∪ρďαʈє§ ẘįƖƖ ♭є ρσ§ʈєď ℁ ʈңєƴ σ⊂℆Γ.


[via brucesterlingmediapathic, The Tech Gonzo Scrapbook, and writing-system,]

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Book Pillow


From the website:

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 6.23.50 PM

"A multi-position book rest for anyone who likes to get comfortable when reading a book."


"It holds the book and stays in place

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 6.23.55 PM

whether you read on the couch, at a table, or in bed.


Orange, Black, Red: €29.50.

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