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May 21, 2013

An answered prayer

This made my day.

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Bloody Cleaver Clutch Purse: Just the thing for women on the edge


Reader Jo Woo Bay, continuing with a nearly unprecedented run of great stuff arriving here in avalanche fashion — keep it coming, homie! — last night sent a link to this sharp accessory.


From Gizmodiva: "Fashion demands to be different. And, if you want to stand out in the crowd, you need something as audacious as the Bloody Cleaver Clutch Purse. I know, it's not Halloween, and you are not Lady Gaga, but if you are looking to have some butchered fun, this satin zip pocket bag is an ideal deal. Convenient to carry, this vinyl cleaver clutch bag features KREEPSVILLE666 red satin lining, a zip coin pocket and a card pocket."

Bloody-cleaver-clutch-purse-3-590x290 copy 2

So Blazenhoff it's not even funny.

Yeah right ok joe then why are you laughing?

Get outa here.


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Airport Insecurity — Once upon a time in America


People under 40 have no idea of how easy and pleasant it was to fly back in the 60s and early 70s.

Above, a glimpse of good times past, never to be recovered.

What's past isn't prologue: heck, it almost doesn't seem real even to me — and I was there.

[via Bryan Gardiner and Wired]

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Friis Coffee Vault


16-ounce stainless steel container blocks lights and expells CO2 off-gassed by roasted beans so they stay fresh.

$19.50 (beans not included).

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Can you fix my husband? He says he's broke.


[via Grit in the Gears]

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Gittler Guitar — Time to shred


Wrote Roberto Baldwin about this remarkable instrument in the June issue of Wired: "It may look like something from Zaphod Beeblebrox's collection of exotic weaponry, but the all titanium Gittler guitar is an expressive, unique, and entirely earthly musical instrument that offers a galaxy of possibilities. The neck, with its 31 perfectly cylindrical frets, has a wider octave range than a standard ax (Fender's iconic Stratocaster has a mere 21 frets), and its lack of a fretboard lets players vary the pressure applied to the strings to find those elusive 'notes between the notes.' What's more, each string has its own active pickup, allowing for a complex harmonic palette. While this guitar is not a brand new concept — Andy Summers played one of the original run of 60 handmade models in the 1983 video for the Police's 'Synchronicity II' — Allan Gittler's design has been thoroughly updated for 2013. The latest incarnation features a MIDI output and an array of LED fret markers: the pinpoints of light help orient the guitarist on dark stages and throw off an eerie glow that illuminates the player's face."


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