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May 25, 2013

All my followers


How cool is this, that all of sudden in the past few days a couple of my favorite writers have started following me?

I better shape up, straighten out and fly right from now on.

No more nonsense and drivel and cat videos, for sure: that's not gonna pull people of their ilk.




Note added at 3:53 p.m. Sunday May 26: Since TypePad is broken for me as regards leaving a comment, let it be known here and now, far and wide, that Gray Cat will continue to make an occasional appearance here to satisfy her many devoted fans.

Sometimes I think that if Flautist and Gray Cat decamped and started their own blog, I'd be mighty lonely.

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Apple Lightning 8-pin to 30-pin dock converter with 3.5mm aux plug


From the website:


Plug and play — no installation required!

This is a adapter for converting the interface for new iDevice 8-pin Lightning connector to the old 30-pin dock connector.

The design is very simple: on one side there is an 8-pin male connector for charging and data sync and a 3.5mm aux plug for the audio signal.

On the opposite side, there is a 30 pin dock female connector for your old dock cable, old dock music cradle, etc.

Now you don't need to throw away your devices for your old iDevice — you can use your new iPhone with the old cable, dock, charger....

Money-saving and environment-friendly.

Unique Feature: 

• Lets you transfer the audio signal without buying an expensive MPI-approved audio converter


Blue, Black, Purple, White, Yellow.


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Playing a Human Theremin

From Make: "Graphic designer Lucy Sansom turned her sister into a human theremin and then made this video demonstrating how she is played."

She wrote, "Using conductive ink, theremin circuitry, and a nice little amp, I made my sister into a fully functioning musical instrument."

[via clifyt]

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Vintage Bulgari Sterling Silver and Gold Dice


From the website:




Old stock sterling silver and gold Bulgari dice marked BVLGARI LAS VEGAS.


They are in the original box.


0.75" per side.




[via the New York Times]

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Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.25.16 PM

It is what it says.



"Why doesn't it have big airports??? Dulles and National are not listed. Weird!"

Videre est credere:

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 3.29.20 PM

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