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May 3, 2013

bookofjoe on YouTube: 96 subscribers — with a bullet (heh)

The other day, visiting YouTube to find just the right video for a post, I stopped for a sec en route to my search button click and looked at my home page.

Somehow I've accumulated 96 subscribers to a pretty much dormant channel, established back in 2006 and since then for the most part unused by moi, the last video I uploaded (top) appearing seven months ago.

But still: 96 people around our blue planet have signed up to be instantly notified when I post a new one — to me that's no small beer and I love every one of you.

You are the original loyalists, and I won't forget that when I get big once bojTV takes off after I put on my Google Glass and light this firecracker, whose fuse has been burning since 2004.

That's one long fuse.

But I digress.

The dream is alive here at boj World Headquarter®™© and it will happen, gang: just hang on a little bit longer....

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Thank yew. Thank yew.

Say, is that G.C.'s breakfast, lunch and dinner with accompanying water bowls that I see on the floor, or is she expecting guests?

Posted by: Kay | May 3, 2013 5:26:42 PM

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