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May 20, 2013

iPhone Periscope Lens (you won't find this at the Apple Store)


Also works with iPad, iPod touch, and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

From the website:



According to Wikipedia: "A periscope is an instrument for observation from a concealed position. In its simplest form it consists of an outer case with mirrors at each end set parallel to each other at a 45-degree angle. This form of periscope, with the addition of two simple lenses, served for observation purposes in the trenches during World War I. Military personnel also use periscopes in some gun turrets and in armoured vehicles."


Here we have a new use for this type of scope!

The use is so simple, just have the sticky metal ring on your phone, then whenever you want to use the periscope, just put it on the sticky metal ring, then you can have a periscope lens for your camera phone!

No need to install any software (apps) or any mechanical installation.


General Features:

• Let you take pictures that the normal camera cannot fulfill

• A very compact gadget to get picture in a more comfortable way

• A spy lens too, just pretend you are playing with your smartphone but indeed you are taking pictures

• If you are an iPhone user, no worries that the sensor will be blocked, we will have a dedicated ring included




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