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May 26, 2013

"Side Effects" — Don't watch this movie if:

a. You've ever seen a psychiatrist 

b. You've ever been depressed

c. You're on psychiatric medication(s)

d. You've been on psychiatric medication(s)

e. You think you might someday be on psychiatric medication(s)

f. You think you might someday be depressed

Why the cautions a.-f. above?

Because if any of those conditions apply, this movie will scare the daylights out of you.

And if it doesn't, you should see a psychiatrist.

nuf sed.

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Don't stick beans up your nose.
Don't paint your teeth.
Whatever you do, don't push that red button.

Posted by: Flautist | May 26, 2013 5:57:50 PM

Not my Mom!

Nothing wrong with shrinks. My mother was one for half a century and was never, ever, sued. The worst thing that happened to her was Hitchcock's Spellbound.

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | May 26, 2013 2:28:58 PM

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