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June 2, 2013

Experts' Expert: Make a chair from a tree

Wrote Kevin Kelly in Cool Tools, "When a tree is felled, its green wood is wet and easy to work with simple hand tools. As the wood dries, it becomes hard and difficult. Old timers would shape chair parts from green wood cut from a small tree nearby, assemble them without nails, and as the wood dried it would shrink into a tight, strong, beautiful chair. This lost art was rediscovered by the author of this book, John Alexander. But the book itself is long out of print and used copies go for $350."


"In the 35 years since the first edition of the book, the author has kept refining his process (while undergoing a gender change; John is now Jennie) and has produced a video of her highly refined process. In many ways, the video is even better than the book. Sample excerpts of the video can be seen here. Alexander promises a third edition of the book."


"If the idea of making a chair from a tree interests you, the Greenwoodworking website is worth checking out."



Make a Chair From a Tree DVD: $28 (tree not included).

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Ice Cream Sandwich Maker



From the website:



Many people enjoy sweet treats.

As the weather turns warmer, the quest to satisfy the sweet tooth often leads to cold items.

Among those items are ice cream sandwiches.

Sure, you can buy them all ready to go in the freezer section of the nearest grocery store.

But, you can create more personalized versions at home using this kit.

Whether you want different flavors than you can find in the freezer case, have special dietary requirements, or just don't trust all the secret ingredients in the mass produced versions, this kit makes creating your own ice cream sandwiches quite doable.

Not only that, but they are fresher and you know where they were made.

You can use store bought ice cream or make your own.

This device comes with instructions and recipes and can be cleaned in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

You can get creative, have fun, and enjoy the sweet product of your labor.

So, the next time you think about having an ice cream sandwich, think about making your own personalized version.



[via Richard Kashdan, who knows my sweet spot. heh]

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I Am No Good at Love — Noël Coward


  Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 10.51.35 PM



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Waterproof* Kindle


*To 210 feet.


Is that deep enough


for you?



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Midnight Movie: "Indiscreet" (1931)

What must it have been like to watch this morning's feature in a theater in the depths of The Great Depression?

Perhaps one day we will have a time machine so we can find out.

For now, this must suffice.

From Open Culture: "Features superstar Gloria Swanson, directed by Leo McCarey. A comedy that's almost Chaplinesque."

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